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On Being a Foreigner essay

One day I was thinking of studying abroad in the future. I could not imagine how beautiful the world was in the other countries where people always dreamt of enriching their lives, mind and knowledge. Studying abroad is very popular in the world. ...

Re: Application Form for Senior Prefect Position essay

Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Application Form for Senior Prefect Position As a response to the open position of a school’s senior prefect, I write this letter with the aim of applying for the above mentioned position. I am a seventeen year old student ...

Significant Life Event essay

Once in a while, a significant event occurs in a person’s life. It may be a positive experience, a negative one, or both. Such an event may happen only once in a lifetime, or there may be numerous experiences during a person’s life. Only ...

The Moment of Danger essay

In the situation, when we hear the siren of an ambulance ringing, we usually promise ourselves to start a healthier lifestyle than the one we had before, because we feel that someone’s life is being threatened by a severe disease or an acute ...

The New Americans essay

1. How does your experience in the U.S. compare to one of the immigrant stories in “The New Americans”? As an immigrant, I have noticed that there is a high level of congruence between some of the characters presented by Martinez in the ...

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