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Reaction Paper

There are different types of essays that you will be assigned at the college and reaction paper is one of them. In order to write a decent reaction paper you should first understand what it is and for what purpose it is assigned for. First, it should be mentioned that reactions papers are also called response papers. Usually, tutors assign reaction papers after you have attended an event, watched a movie, or just got back from an interesting trip. It can also be assigned in order for you to express your opinion about certain book or piece of music. As you may have already understood, the main purpose of reaction paper is to share your reaction or opinion on something you have heard, seen or experienced. All you need is to explain your thoughts or feelings in regards to the subject that you’re describing. Although the paper doesn’t have such a rigid structure as many other types of essays, you will still need to follow certain requirements. Let’s take a look at the list of these requirements.

In order to write a decent reaction paper, it is advised to answer the following questions before you start. Although you may think that these questions are simple and answering them is easy, doing this will lay a solid foundation for your writing assignment.

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Top 5 Questions to Answer Before You Start Writing a Reaction Paper

  • What is the first feeling that I got while I was reading, seeing, watching or listening to the subject I’m writing about?
  • Can I agree or disagree?
  • Do I like what I listen, seen, watch, read or experience?
  • What is my estimation of the situation?
  • Would I recommend this experience to someone else?

When writing a reaction paper, use word combinations and words like: it seems to me that, as for me, I think, in my humble opinion, in my mind, I see that, from what I have experienced it’s evident that, as for me and others, I am confident that, there’s no doubt that etc. These word combinations will help you to express your personal opinion and attitude in regards to the subject that you’re describing.

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In order to write a good reaction paper, it is recommended to read reaction paper samples. Browsing the web, you can find many samples and resources that will give you more ideas on how to write a good reaction paper. In fact, this is one of the easiest types of essay that you can be assigned with because it doesn’t have a strict structure and you can remain limited to your personal opinion within the framework of this writing assignment.

In case you don’t have enough time to complete reaction paper you can ask our team of qualified experts to complete a response paper for you. Share with us what kind of experience you need to describe and our professionals will be happy to assist you and provide you with a decent reaction paper in a timely manner. You may rest assured that the paper will be free of errors and written in accordance with your requirements right when you need it. Contact us anytime you want in order to get our professional help!

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