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There is no such remedy as music. It is a multifunctional tool to calm down, ease up, and entertain oneself. Even more, it can make a change in your mood and come to your aid to gain productivity. From the scientific point, many processes in the human organism could be influenced by music, for example, digestion. A student can also benefit from listening to music while learning. No doubt, there are some people who would try to prove that tunes is a rather distracting factor, however, we know how to make music an essential element of your studying routine.

If you do not believe in the power of music, then this article is absolutely for you. Here is a list of the best websites where you could find songs to your taste.

8tracks is the first source of quality music we would like to recommend you. The thing that we have fallen in love with is an option to make up own playlists. The criteria for dividing tracks into categories are simple: mood and genre. Additionally, you can enjoy listening to the playlists of your friend or any other users.

This very website always tends to present the novelties in the music industry. What is more, you can search for the information on the most shared tracks by other users, the ones people like the most currently. Using this page, you will stay up to date to the latest favorite recordings.

There is a great range of songs which are within easy reach at As you can guess from the name of the site, the recordings are of Indie style. Nonetheless, there is also something for fans of electric, rock, alternative, and folk music. Moreover, you can get acquainted with various remixes here. The updates are made all the time that is why thousands of users choose this website. There is a little chance you will be lost searching something due to the perfect system of navigation developed by administrators. Lastly, you will also like the proposed random songs and artists similar to the ones you constantly choose.

This source proposes you a collection of the recordings depending on the number of plays a song has scored. What is also useful is an offered list of similar songs, so you can listen to something you like nonstop. monitors your preferences and then suggests only the music which you might like according to different characteristics.

At the first glance, the site may look similar to 8tracks. Still they are completely different. Using 8tracs, you may compose your own playlists. On the contrary, offers ready-made lists of music by professionals, for instance, bloggers, composers, musicians etc.


This is a perfect page where you are allowed to listen to any track for free. Far more, there is a possibility to make your own list out of these songs even before buying them. Surely, it is one of the best music portals.


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