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Disparities and Economic Inequalities

Economic inequality has risen rapidly in the United States between different groups of people. This inequality affects the members of the community in different ways. It affects the education sector, living standards, the economy, the social life of its members, and happiness of the people. During these inequalities, women suffer more as compared to men. Though women seem to have equal rights on paper in the United States, this does not extend to economics. The disparity between male and female earning power is greater as the females are the minority (Karim 20).

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Organizations are responsible for the existence of both social and economic inequalities that exist in the United States and other countries in the course of their daily activities. This brings the concern of feminists who look into the gendering of organizations and organizational practices. Their main aim is to comprehend how inequalities between women and men do exist despite numerous attempts to eliminate the inequalities (Acker).

Liberal feminist device the equality of men and women through political and legal reforms. Liberal feminists focus on the ability of women to bring out and maintain their equality through their actions and preferences. It also looks at individual interactions of men and women as the onset of transformation in the society into an environment experiencing gender balance. According to liberal feminists, women are in a position of emphasizing their ability to achieve equality. Therefore, it is possible to obtain change without amending the structure of the society. For a liberal feminist, it is the choice of the both the male and female to act the way they want.

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Liberal feminism recognizes the role of gender and social status as the source of oppression in women (Burgess-Proctor 29). It is also the role that provides freedom and opportunity in females. It also looks at equality in gender. According to liberal feminists, men are granted power in relation to political and economic imbalances. To them, disproportions in gender derived from the variety of roles and standards expected by both genders that serve as encouragements in adapting to their roles. As a result, implications on gender are dominant in the political, occupations, social and educational sectors.

Radical feminists are critical feminists. Most of their concentration lies in the structural elements of sexuality. This implies that their concentration is in power, violence, authority, and control (Vito et al 227). Radical feminists view supremacy in men as the major source of oppression in women. This is always because of the pressure applied by social inequality from those in authority, taking advantage of their power. Liberal feminist is different from a radical feminist in the way they approach gender issues. A liberal feminist views gender as steered by social opportunity, while a radical feminist looks at it in the contest of domination and authority. A liberal feminist is the source of reformation and places much concern in relocation of opportunity (Beasley). A radical feminist expounds on oppression in females due to the sexual nature of inequality and gender. Another distinctive characteristic is that liberal feminists recognize the equality of rights of both men and women. On the other hand, Radical feminists determine the root of male domination and subordination in violence, sex, occupation, and physical opportunities.

Increasing female participation and leadership does not imply a more egalitarian or feminist future. Changing the personnel of a gender or replacing men with women does not change the future. The future depends on the qualities and personality of the leader. The attributes posed by the leader and the way he/she conducts duties models the future. Leadership begins in the mind, by changing consciousness. However, external forces induce and simulate power. Another reason is that those already occupying the leadership positions carry out election of those they crown leadership. These are the preferable individuals accepted by the majority. The result is a dynasty of one political group rather than carrying out substantial change in the society thus excluding egalitarianism.

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In conclusion, gender differences between men and women do not imply inequity. Both men and women experience adverse effects due to their restrictive gender roles. However, constructs in gender often disadvantage women. These constructs act as a barrier in fully realizing their rights accessing resources and trapping opportunities. Therefore, we need to think carefully before acting on women empowerment. During this process, we need to focus in terms of inequalities of class, race, ethnicity, and other social determinants in women. We should also not forget the global representation (Batliwala 10).

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