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Lower Division Individual Four

Employee empowerment culture is defined as that process whereby a culture of empowerment is formulated, data is collective ,aptitude is acquired, and resources and affirm are supplied (Adrian,1998) .The theory of penetration and pricing in marketing is a strategy assumed for fast attaining lofty sales and profound market diffusion of a new product. In this advance, a product is extensively promoted and its preliminary product is reserved moderately low (Fishman, 1998).

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What led to the employing of the theory of employee empowerment culture is the old age difficulty of taylorised and technical places of work where originality is muffled and workers become separated, depicting dissatisfaction through individual or combined means. It also offers quick answers to business troubles; to give development opportunities for employees and; to reduce organizational expenses while granting the manager to work on manifold projects (Adrian,1998). On the other hand penetration pricing strategy has been put into place because of the preliminary of new products and services into the market place, when the price demand is high, when considerable economies of scale are accessible and if the product will face stiff competition after introduction. With this policy, the original price of the product is comparatively low for it to go through into the market fast in order to ensure major market percentage (Fishman, 1998).

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The theory of penetration and pricing will lead to the following specific actions in the company; the company will have to generate cost assure and cost decrease forces from the start leading to better competence, finally the company will have to bring in products of good eminence. In employee empowerment culture theory the company will have to offer resources such as time and money, to give affirm by way of authenticity, teaching of the employees to take obligations and giving appropriate accurate information so that employees can make good decisions.

The results of penetration and pricing is that it can result in fast dispersion and acceptance, it can generate friendliness among early adopters segment, this can produce more trade through word of mouth also the company will act as barrier to entry because the theory admonishes entry of competitors. While employee empowerment will lead to expression of a more obligatory, answerable, initiative and risk taking employees also employee empowerment amends organizational efficiency and competence.

The situation can be addressed differently by applying the theory of the new effective management theory which involves the leadership duty, vision and authorize stirring and training, and finally internet and technology.

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In summary the past theories of management are out-of-date and might not be able to keep up with the fast changing economy. It’s advisable for the company to adopt new management theories.

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