Socialization starts in childhood and develops in the adulthood. Gender-role socialization is closely related to the stereotypes. They can remain reinforced for the entire life of an individual.

Homophobia is a serious issue for the nowaday society. Americans are rather traditional in their views on the concept of relationships. People, raised in families with conformist views, do not wish to accept the change in the approach to the human relations. Their views are supported by strong religious influences. A lot of children are brainwashed from the early childhood, so that they grow up totally intolerant towards the choices and intentions of other people. Religion is one of the key factors, which influences the rise of the social disturbance and increases the number of homophobes.

American society views homosexual relations as something that does not fall under the traditional distribution of gender roles. Same sex relations cause the disturbance of the society and a lot of discussions. Primarily, the main question is the right for the same-sex couples to become legally registered, i.e. married. The legislative practice of such occurrences exists around the world, but the US society is still not ready to accept it. The next question raised is the right for the homosexual couples to adopt and raise children. Since the question is very case sensitive, it causes the biggest concerns of the society. Another concern of the homophobes regarding the same-sex relations is the danger of the sexually transmitted diseases that are spread within the homosexual community. This became one of the major causes of concern for the modern society.

The issue of homophobia cannot be unattended by the society and the scientists, since public opinion pushes the question for the further discussions. Homophobia as a social phenomenon will remain a question to be discussed for many years, since society is not likely to accept any atypical gender relations.

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