Canadian History: to What Extent Had Been the 'Objectives' of the Confederation Achieved by 1900

The significant Confederation took place in 1867, which ushered Canada into a new dispensation. The Confederation of 1867 was a call to many problems that had affected many of British colonies. Britain wanted to reduce its role in running the colonies. The United States, which had just become independent also wanted to expand by acquiring land in Canada (Russell & Leuprecht, 2011). The most important goal of the Confederation was to achieve better forms of governance and stability from the war that had affected them for many years. Owing to these reasons and other factors, the colonies pushed for the Confederation, and by the end of 1900, the colonies had achieved a significant number of it objectives.

During the time of the Confederation, Canada had four provinces—Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, but the Confederation allowed Prince Edward to join it. This was a hallmark because Canada had realized extra unification before the close of 1900. This was a positive step towards making Canada a unified country (Russell & Leuprecht, 2011). The United States also achieved more unification under the Union than before, which was a primary goal of the Confederation. The unification of these colonies allowed Canada and the United States to start building their infrastructures and establishing social institutions.

The Confederation also enabled Canada and the United States to establish a political solution to their problems. Before the end of 1900, the Confederation article paved way for the implementation of a new constitution that had seen a French-Canadian nation emerge (Russell & Leuprecht, 2011). Furthermore, Canada realized the political transformation; though it was a minority, when Quebec become autonomous and ran all its affairs. This gain made Canada autonomous to decide such matters as the Constitution and create a government program. Despite having many goals, the Confederation had achieved several of them by 1900.

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