Why have Events in 1917 Altered the Direction of Canadian History

Canada experienced a number of events during the 1917, which made the year a significant period in Canadian history. In 1917, Canada was going through a challenging period with the government (Francis, 2009). The government was experiencing a critical division between the French and English. The situation was more challenging taking into consideration the fact that the polarization between the French and British caused intense debate on matters of national interests. Nonetheless, the military takeover of Vimy Ridge and participation of women in election altered the direction of Canadian history. 

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The defeat of the Germans at the Vimy Ridge prompted other forces like the British to reckon Canada as a prominent nation. The Vimy Ridge was a well-fortified ridge where the Germans had built a well-protected area with underground tunnels and railway system for carrying munitions. In addition, the area with armour and machine guns units and British forces had failed to take over the ridge (Francis, 2009). However, the Canadian corps executed a well-planned attack that helped them to defeat the Germans.

The participation of women in the 1917 election was a hallmark event proclaiming the fact that women had never taken part in the election process. In 1917, the Military Voters Act allowed members of the military such as the Bluebirds to vote (Francis, 2009). According to this act, the Bluebirds were the first Canadian women to take part in the electron process during the Canadian Federal Election. With this act, the military would vote a single party rather than choosing a single individual. The unionist would later give the votes to contenders of their choice making Canadian women in the military part of the election process. In conclusion, these events changed the direction of the Canadian history entirely. Canada emerged as a nation to reckon with in the world, due to its victory over German at the Vimy Ridge and the franchise of military women.

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