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Political, Economic and Social Changes Brought by American Revolution

American Revolution was one of the most crucial events in the history of the USA. It inaugurated the beginning of democracy and gave the oppressed and the exploited everywhere a model and a hope for a brighter future where freedom, liberty and equality would prevail. In this paper, we will discuss what political, economic and social changes were brought about by the American Revolution and how they transformed American society during 1775-1800.

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American Revolution had a huge impact on the economy. On the one hand, it liberated colonies from unjust laws and taxes that were imposed by the United Kingdom. On the other hand, colonies were still dependent on Great Britain to a great extent, and this was not advantageous for the newly created country. The problem lay in the fact that there was no sound economic ground after the revolution. Such situation after the revolution caused market loss and the development of inflation that was caused by loose regulations. American Revolution also gave birth to the industrial order. Intensive development of manufacture in the North of the country fostered vast expansion of cotton cultivation in the South (Martin, 2005). Economic divide between the North and the South became even more obvious, because each of them achieved economic progress in their own peculiar way. Slavery, thought to be doomed at the time of American Revolution, found congenial company in the market’s growing demand for raw materials.

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Social changes also took place after the American Revolution. Perhaps in this sphere, one of the most powerful legacies was the concept of individual freedom. It is a freedom to do such things as to speak, to worship, to assemble, to publish, and to make money (Ross, 2000). After the revolution, the Church of England was replaced by Episcopal Church. According to the document D, people gained freedom to profess any religion they wanted (Document D). So, virtually, the freedom of religion was now possible in America. American Revolution also brought the beginning of social stratification. Groups that were excluded from immediate equality, such as females and slaves, took inspiration from it. In the document A, we can see the proof of the fact that although roles of women expanded during revolution, they were still not absolutely equal with men. The female in the picture is portrayed with a musket and powder, but she is still wearing a domestic dress (Document A). American Revolution also saw the dawn of the organized abolitionist movement. In the document H, the evidence of slaves’ liberation in Ohio River Valley is cited (Document H). After Civil War, slaves all over the country were given freedom, and slavery was eliminated.

Political changes brought by American Revolution were of tremendous importance, because decentralized colonies joined and formed an independent country. According to the document B, Americans started the revolution that was to be directed against tyranny of Britain and slavery. After the end of the revolution, loyalists who did not support it were driven out of the country (Document B).Another important change lay in the fact that the Constitution was written down, and the church separated from the state. With the change of rule from British into American, parliamentary system was replaced by presidential, and independent judiciary branch was implemented. In the document G, Thomas Jefferson is discussing rebellion against the judiciary system, because people considered it to be unfair (Document G). Another political issue that was to be considered after the revolution was the status of Native Americans. According to the document C, this part of American population worried about its status in the newly created country (Document C). They wanted to reach peace with White Americans, but, as we may judge from the document E, peace was only made between the two parties – Great Britain and White Americans from the USA. Native Americans were not included into making the Treaty of Paris (Document E).

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To conclude with, different changes carried out by the Founders and American Revolution are permanent. The USA is even today the political, economic and social embodiment of the significant revolutionary transformation first proclaimed 200 years ago.

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