Who brought Bernadine Healy Down

Red Cross organization which was founded by Clara Barton in the year1881, it became successful and a difficult organization to lead. This to some dictated extent the type of culture witnessed in the organization. To be a good leader, one needs be a strong bureaucratic manager who also strives to be a people-oriented leader.  Being a leader and a manager at the same time makes public service motivation more in the government than in the private sector. The leader was answerable to the President and a fifty board of governors, where seven of them were senior government officials. Healy faced serious public pressure over her slow response to attacks by terrorist on the Pentagon and the dismissal of two women operating at the Disaster Operations Center (DOC), which was a disaster command center based in Virginia.

Healy motivation for accepting the Red Cross presidency was not in line with the public service motives. Her hard charged style was effective but caused discomfort to the governors of the Red Cross who saw her as having much of a political stance and wanted several changes fast. When Healy revealed significant corruption in one of her Jersey City, she received criticism from majority board members as being “too tough” in Jersey City instead of praising her.

The indication of the study is that professional ambitions and public service ambitions are at conflict. Individuals hired to work in public service have their own ambitions for the sectors they are responsible of, but are forced to adapt to the ambitions and the desires of the public service or else they lose their jobs.

There is a difference in being a leader and a manager of an organization. Each of the two personas can fit in any type of organization, but in the case of the Red Cross in United States, Dr. Bernadine Healy appeared not to fit at all in occupying the presidency. She was a victim of the position, not for becoming a tough, passionate, too-driven leader, but for not becoming a manager of the international Red Cross that is largely resistant to change.

The Wise reading offers specific answers to problems of public personnel motivation by understanding the manager and a leader. Managers “do things right” while leaders on the other hand, “do the right things”.

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