The Concept of Automation

With the 20-th century industry’s development, the role of the robots and mechanical equipments influenced a lot the workers’ job tasks and safety. Electronic equipment reduced the need for repetitive and boring human labor which was replaced by robots replacing it by.more intellectual and determinative one - the automation supervision. The task of the supervisor was to take manual control, predict, and prevent dangerous situations, take effective decisions within emergency. However, it required less labor, the designing, producing, and setting up the equipment demanded highly-skilled work.

The automatic systems reduced the risk of the worker’s injuries during normal production excluding worker-machine contacts by manually operated system. Automatic advantage is obvious when the extreme work accuracy is required or while processing dangerous materials. As a rule, robots supply some troublesome and high-risk jobs such as welding and painting that make harm to a worker's health. They usually handle ton weight or heavier loads and work efficiently in near freezing and uncomfortably hot temperatures. Common workers replaced by highly skilled mechanical laborers and knowledgeable technicians do not perform dangerous applications in hazardous settings.

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But the other side of the coin shows that mechanization can create other safety problems, and a worker still has take measures to avoid accidents. Some high professional robot designers require high-power circuits which can run out of control or cause unexpected operational changes that may lead to the fatal accidents. Powerful industrial robots units handle heavy peaces of metal and are powerful enough to cause severe injury or death in unpredictable situations and systems disorder. While analyzing small mechanisms, it is important to point out that they can move among people and contact them. If one loses control of these devices, they cause injury by impact, puncture, pinching, dragging a person over a sharp object or pushing an operator to another machine.

Automation eased the human labor and eliminated some previously common industrial injuries. But robots are not universal and cannot thing logically. Even when many emergency switches are installed that cut power if the unit goes out of control, in some case they do not know when to stop. Working with automation, people are not becoming immune to injuries, but thanks to i their traumas are more rare and are mostly preventable when the workers keep the safety rules.   

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