Environmental Challenges of Resettlement

There were various environmental problems experienced during the Voyages of Samuel de Champlain from 1604 to 1610. Some were pleasant while others were not favorable for the explorers. History has it that the weather kept on changing and they had to move from one place to another. In some areas they found Islands and such places were very cold. In such places they had to be guided by people who resided in such places as the present Annapolis (Champlain, 1907). This essay thus highlights some of the environmental challenges experienced during the exploration such as the one hinted above.

To begin with, somewhere near the Bay of St. Marry, they had to walk in the woods because the other side only had a river filled with rocks. In the Rocky Brook with small amount of water, the place was in latitude of 3 45 degrees and 17 degrees of the deflection of the magnetic needle (Champlain, 1907). From the above mentioned place, the explorers went ahead to other places in search of copper.

Secondly in these places they found the environment unfavorable because water was salty, and since the highland was flat, it was also very dry. European explorers also suffered from various diseases as a result of environmental changes. The change in weather led to a three year expedition whereby the explorers had to move to the interior to look for essential commodities (Champlain, 1907). Finally, the consequences of bad weather made the explorers to lose sight of their vessels. Also, since they were moving along reefs, banks, and islands which some extended more than four leagues out of the sea, some were god but others were undesirable for permanent settlement.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above execution that environmental problems affected the progress of the European explorers in many ways. These challenges hindered them from settling in a particular place and they were affected by diseases as a result of ever changing weather. All in all the Voyage of Samuel de Champlain was both a success and a failure to the explorers and the inhabitants.

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