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Human Resource Management

Compensation factoid is granted for a particular wrong or harm done; mostly inflicted at the places of work or done in the course of duty. That is why most of the employers decide to have insurance policies for the workers to also avoid law suits (Landes, 1998; Azari-Rad, et al. 2005). In China which is one of the fast upcoming countries in terms of development and the economic sectors, it is one of the countries that are better than the US in terms of more job opportunities for its citizens, their architecture and initiative with the technology with great medical and engineering sectors which is experiencing a tremendous growth for all (Berger, & Berger, 2000). Its cities are more of 24hour based and this way it becomes easier for the college graduates to attain jobs. Low cost of living as compared to other countries makes life much easier; indeed, the minimum that a freshly graduate can earn is about $28,000 a month which for starters with very low rent and most of the necessities at a very affordable prices (Roth, 2007).

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The employers have taken advantage of the many skilled persons subjecting them to very low salaries not well deserved for their studies; this is done irrespective of caring that these students do have needs and education loans to repay (Martin, 2004). Most of them work on an hourly basis which at times is way less of what they would duly get in on a basic salary. Over 60 million persons earn the minimal wages paid at an hourly rate.

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The employer has a duty to protect the rest of their workers; this comes in view of the fact that smoking is one of the causal agents of cancer of the lungs. This can make them liable in tort for not taking such measures upon themselves (Bray, & Bray, 2009). The same goes that if an employer continually smokes exposing his employees to grievous damages can be sued for battery. There has been an issue on cigarette smoking something that also leads to devastation to the affected. The work place should have its ethical guidelines which should ensure there is smooth running; this will also ensure that workers do not interfere with the operation of others.

There has been an issue on cigarette smoking something that also leads to discrimination; that is wrong. In addition, measures such as trying to increase the cigarette tax in a bid to make people quit smoking should be implemented so the laws can prevent the harm to the life of the secondary smokers who live near the primary smokers who at times get worse off effects (Bray, & Bray, 2009). But it is highly unethical if they were to get an employer who did not label the working premise as a non-smoking zone. The employer can have a right in having this for rule if the workers are in an environment requiring strict hygienic situations. An example of this is; in hospitals, companies that deal with food stuff and drinks. This is mainly associated with the prevention of contamination of these products (Joel, 1993).

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Persons who choose to smoke should be given their freedom to do so but only in segregated areas or only after working hours in case of the particles especially in a highly hygienic places. The smokers should also respect others especially their colleagues who could be at a risk of contacting respiratory system ailments (Guerin, & DelPo, 2009). As an employer, one should place their workers in the know-how on the hazards of smoking and as much as possible and even give the employees a chance to with draw from the vice by having free rehabilitation for them to recover from drugs.

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