Short Analytical Paper: Edward Jones

My company of choice is Edward Jones. I have selected this organization because it provides numerous benefits and revenues to its employees together with high standards of working conditions.

Edward Jones sells free-based and commission-based financial products to its clients all over the USA and Canada. Nowadays about 12,000 workers serve more than 7 million clients (, Inc.). Owners of small business and individual investors represent the majority of clients.

The company is oriented on long-term business relationships not only with its clients, but also with its employees. Below will be described the reasons why I have chosen this company and numerous reasons why I would like to work there.

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Edward Jones clearly understands that employees compose the most valuable assets of the company. Development and professional growth of each worker leads to the development and growth of the company. Edward Jones appreciates professional trainings of its employees for improvement of their professional skills (

Employees receive benefits and rewards for high quality of the performed work in this firm. Compensation practices of the company reflect merits of employees in Edward Jones. So, people do their best in order to perform their professional tasks in the best possible way and receive compensation or better working position. It leads to the improvement of quality of rendering services.

Linda Rizzo in her work Six principles for becoming an employer of choice (2007) states that one of the main principles is communication between an employer and an employee. Managers of Edward Jones successfully implement this principle into the working process. They describe to employees current and future strategies of the company. Managers provide clear understanding of mission and vision of Edward Jones to each worker. All the employees receive information about important changes. Examples of this communication strategy include videos to employees, corporate letters, talks via Internet, and direct communication. It leads to elimination of any misunderstandings between managers and workers, because all the employees have clear vision about the inner and outer processes of the company. Managers also carefully listen to propositions and opinions of the workers. The company takes feedbacks of employees into considerations. The article What makes Edward Jones great (, 2014) states the following, “more than nine in 10 say that they’re treated as a full member of the firm regardless of their position”. I have selected this company because managers of Edward Jones pay attention to opinions of workers. It leads to the improvement of working process and strengthening of corporate spirit, because all the employees feel heard and respected (Schmitz, 2012). Each employee has the right and ability to offer his or her ideas, take an active part in decision-making and improve working process. It creates a strong background for future development and growth of Edward Jones.

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Lynda Rizzo in her work Six principles for becoming an employer of choice (2007) writes that the first principle that will help the company to become the employer of choice is using words wisely. She stresses that sage, honest and respectful communication will ensure company’s commitment to success. Edward Jones widely implements this principle into the corporate ethics of the firm. According to the statistics, ninety six percent of associates say management is honest and ethical. One more reason why I would like to work in Edward Jones is that its managers are corresponding to the rules of ethic and adopt respectful communication practices.

Edward Jones is the great place to work, because it grants some kind of freedom to its workers. Many of employees are limited partners. These people have a financial stake in the company (, 2014). It means that Edward Jones provides some kind of autonomy to its employees. It is supported by employees’ words provided in the article What makes Edward Jones great: “Edward Jones Investments give me the freedom to work with clients that we want to work with” (, 2014).

The workers of the company have the opportunity to form personal working schedule and devote more time to their families, recreation and renewal. Lynda Rizzo (2007) describes the importance of balance between working time and time for rest for personal renewal. I would like to work in this firm because working autonomy will give me the possibility to devote some time for my family and my friends. Also, I will be rested, energetic and vital, and will be able to perform my work better. I will have time to form new ideas for improvement of my professional skills and the work of the whole company.

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Edward Jones is not just a company. It is some kind of the family because its managers listen to employees and provide them with an opportunity for self-improvement and self-reflection. Also, Edward Jones supports people in difficulties. For example, the company “was able to preserve through the trauma of the recent financial crisis with no layoffs and on 8% one-year job growth” (Schmitz, 2012). If I worked in Edward Jones, I would be sure that the company will make everything possible to eliminate any negative consequences of economic collapses. Moreover, the company saves working place for an employee even when he or she is obliged to leave work for several months because of illness (, 2014). Managers of Edward Jones clearly understand the value of workers and try to help and support them in their life difficulties. Employees, by-turn, do their best for the company, as “more than nine in 10 people are willing to give extra to get the job done” (, 2014).

Edward Jones creates strong corporate culture. It is my company of choice because it supports employees; provides them with an opportunity for professional and personal development and listens to their opinion. I would like to work in this company because of corporate ethics and provided autonomy.

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