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Change management in any organization is an important process that takes place to align the organization with the rising needs and changing market environment. However, this process is only healthy when the organization is stable and workers are motivated to support the changes. In an organization that already faces the challenge of de-motivated employees and their high turnover, managing change may be hectic and chaotic. However, certain strategies may help the executive leaders of the organization to manage change even when employees are resigning and the organization has no clear direction of its attempt to motivate the employees. The aim of this paper is to advice the executive leaders of particular organization on how to handle the case of high employee turnover, demoralized staff, and ineffective tools such as software in order to achieve short-term and long-term solution to the present situation.

Short-Term Measures

Becker, Ulrich, and Huselid (2013) observed that the management of the organization must come up with a defined guideline for the process of change in the organization. It can be achieved through motivation of the employees to support the changes that must be implemented. Moreover, the executive leaders should introduce a change in the leadership team for the short-term period to oversee the development of the areas that need to be changed. The change leadership team should be given the responsibility and authority to identify the areas that need urgent change and the changes that should be implemented. Wide organizational changes will call for a paradigm shift and systemic overhaul of the operation processes in the organization. In addition, the senior management must be changed in order to give every employee the time, resources, and authority to implement their operations.

Employee Motivation and System Overhaul

The executives of the organization must focus on the systemic functioning of the organization. While implementing the organizational change, the leverage points should be identified. The first leverage point relates to having a vision of where the organization wants to be in the short-term and long-term periods. Then, the vision should be used to restructure the functioning of the organization in different areas that need urgent changes. The structure of the organization is among the most important areas that need to be addressed. It will help the senior management to define authority and decision-making process, so that key personnel is identified and given the responsibility of enhancing the commitment of the staff in their departments.

Ensuring Staff Commitment

Furthermore, employees’ commitment will ensure that the staff is supportive of the changes that are initiated within their departments and within organization. The other areas that will be addressed in the short term include changes in the work processes. It will require moving employees in different workstations while reorganizing the working process of the organization. Cross-functional approach and integration of major processes within the organization will boost the morale and motivation of the remaining staff to continue working at the organization (Phillips, 2002). In addition, departmental processes and procedures need to be aligned with the employees regarding their skills and experiences in particular work in the organization.  

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Alignment of Employees’ Skills to Jobs

Moreover, the management will need to identify people with skills required in different positions. The management must have the right people to work in the right positions strategically placing them within organization. High turnover of employees may be caused by people being wrongly placed in positions, where they cannot fully exercise their potential. Hence, they feel demoralized with their work. Placing people in the right positions ensures not only that they are working towards the success of the organization but also that they are excited about their work and position (Phillips, 2002). They become productive when they are satisfied with their positions and feel that they are contributing to achievement of the objectives and goals of the organization.

Provision of Improved Tools

The next area that should be addressed is the tools including the physical facilities that the workers use and the capital equipment such as hardware and software systems. The change management team will develop system management and reporting systems to be used with the help of a professional in-system management. In addition, there should be well-spelt policies, procedures, and compensation tools availed to the workers, so that the usage of the tools is done in a procedural manner. It should be a short-term solution to the issue of software failure. The long-term solution will include the acquisition of new software within the organization to enhance its operations. Short-term changes in the organization must address all identified areas and align them with the vision of the company. Phillips (2002) argues that there must be sustainable management through progressive change initiatives.

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Long-Term Measures

On the long-term basis, the executive leaders of the organization will have to confirm the compelling need of radical changes in the whole organization. After putting the right people in the right positions and acquiring the correct software to run the activities of the organization, the change management team will have to enlist the services of professional consultancy to discuss the organizational systemic changes (Becker, Ulrich, & Huselid, 2013). The discussion will focus on incremental or one-time changes, and it will utilize information about the market dynamics, competitiveness of the organization, motivating factors that are likely to influence the behavior of the staff, and elements that are contributing to the mass firing of employees. In addition, the long-term change will be evaluated in terms of the cost for implemented changes and the implications it will have on the systemic functioning of the organization.

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