Team Building Discussion Four

In every team, there are many conflicts that occur among the workers. These conflicts are unhealthy in the team because they can affect the performance of the organization. Therefore, identification and resolution of these conflicts in time is vital for the smooth running of the team.

Some of the symptoms and signs in a team include the reduction in the productivity of the members and attrition.  Moreover, members do not talk to each other, and exchange contradicting words or insults. A leader can also sense conflicts in the team through lack of cooperation, which can eventually lead to its downfall (Furlong, 2010).

Upon identification of conflicts, it is wise to find ways of resolving it so as to achieve the team’s objectives. One of the ways conflict resolutions is by distributive bargaining. This one aims at solving those win and lose conflicts; where a group wants to maximize its interests at the expense of the other group (Scott, 2009).

Another problem solving model is through interactive bargaining that is interest-based, cooperative and agreement-oriented. This model handles the “win-win” conflicts in a team. Both parties in the bargain aim at increase the sum and distributing it (Furlong, 2010).

Additionally, interactive problem solving is another model applicable in conflict resolution. It is an informal, transformation-based and needs-based approach that focuses on an in-depth analysis of problems that caused conflict (Scott, 2009).

However, the above models are not all appropriate in conflict resolution. The most appropriate one is interactive problem solving model. This is because it does not focus in the “win-lose” and “win-win” approaches (Furlong, 2010). This is a neutral model that tries to identify the causes of the conflict before any solution is given.

For instance in case there is a conflict about embezzlement of funds by some of the members, the leadership can apply the interactive problem solving model. This is appropriate as it involves a deep analysis of causal factors, needs and interests.

In conclusion, it is imperative that leaders of a group develop strategies of detecting and resolving conflicts in a team. Interactive problem solving method is the most suitable way of conflict resolution.

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