Evaluating a Psychodynamic Approach

Abby is suffering from various conflicts within herself, first, she thinks that the current state of her husband is her making, she has never been a happy person from her childhood. In addition, she has low self esteem and thinks that other people around her live better lives than herself. Her past life however has not been good as seen on her relationship with her late father.

Interpersonal psychotherapy is the best way of providing relaxation to Abby. This psychodynamic approach of treatment is the most appropriate because she looks depressed. This is clear when she says that throughout her life, she had wasted her life and had not enjoyed anything unlike other people surrounding her.

Bringing Abby to a state of self acceptance and taking a situation as it comes requires not only giving medication, to a large extent, Abby needs empathy so as to provide a relationship which is supportive and nurturing. This aims at ego building self-discovery, and reparenting in the therapeutic relationship.

When this is done, it will be easy to find the relationship between Abby’s past life and the current difficulties she is undergoing. Abby thinks that her poor cooking made his husband get cancer, she therefore suffers from the past experience and this has led to her current state. Her health is deteriorating, she eats little, and spends most of her time crying. This has made her get frequent headaches and even resorted to drinking.

This approach will help in alleviating her mood, raise her self esteem, and to recover enough psychological energy. If this is achieved, she will be able to cope with her current situation and to bring an opportunity for Abby’s insight change hence, decreasing the depression and increasing her life quality.

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