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Work Intensively With Clients Coursework

Part A

Case Scenario 1

I would organize an immediate meeting with the client to have a discussion. Bearing in mind that the victim has been subjected to both physical and psychological assault, necessary procedures used or aimed at assisting such person should be adhered. The client has been physically assaulted in the sense that the partner might have inflicted some injuries by kicking, beating up or use of weapons such as knives among other things that can be used to inflict a physical injury. On the other hand, the client has been psychologically assaulted by the partners action of milking her savings account that then makes him or her think that life is worth nothing. As a result, clear evidences for such assaults should be identified before any action is taken. Ones all these evidences have been proved, counseling will begin so as to solve the physical and the psychological problems experienced.

To solve the psychological assault experienced, I would advise the client that although money is needed in life, it is not the solution to every other issue that people comes across. I would advise him, or her to live normal and positively in live while working towards a productive future. On the physical assault, I would direct her to get treatments from a doctor incase wounds and any other injury. While at the doctors place or in the hospital receiving treatment, counseling services will be offered to him or her by the counseling team as I will direct him or her to a specialist doctor for cannabis abuse victims.


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Case Scenario 2

The victim might have had an overdose of Vicodin drug that is used to treat or moderate server and chronic pains. It is a prescription, but if taken in excess it can result to breathing difficulty and dizziness or deep sleep. In case of such emergency, I would respond to it by;

  1. Determining the weight, age and condition of the victim
  2. Determine the time the victim swallowed the drug
  3. Determine the amount swallowed
  4. Determine if the medicine had been prescribed to the victim
  5. Give some oxygen to the victim to assist him or her in breathing
  6. If breathing is so poor, it is necessary to give some prescriptions referred to antidote to the victim to reverse all the prevailing symptoms thus saving the situation.
  7. If the drug is taken with other drugs, it is necessary to give the victim another drug referred to Aspirin or Tylenol.

Case Scenario 3

The victim might have engaged in smoking tobacco either actively or passively or have taken alcohol excessively.  This will then have a considerable impact on the lungs thus blocking the airline making him or her unconscious. To respond to the emergency, I would;

  1. Call for an ambulance from a neighboring hospital to come and take the victim to the hospital
  2. Loosen the tight clothing as I put the victim in a position he or she can recover easily.
  3. Assist the person, to get normal or breath by using home oxygen
  4. Meanwhile, continue monitoring the victim’s ability to breathe while waiting for an ambulance or medical help to arrive.
  5. Any open wounds around the chest and neck that the victim could be having should be closed immediately.
  6. When the ambulance or the medical help arrives, rush the victim to the hospital for further treatment

Case Scenario 4

The victim might have taken marijuana and to respond to the emergency, I would respond to the emergency by;

  1. Call for an ambulance or any medical service help
  2. Loosen the tight clothes the victim could be wearing
  3. Put him or her in a position that can enable fast recovery.
  4. Offer artificial source of fresh air to the victim as I wait for the medical assistance
  5. Ones the medical help arrive; rush the victim to the hospital for further treatment.

Part B

Helping Relationship

It refers to a relationship that is characterized by one’s ability and willingness to assist someone else who has some problems, challenges or difficulties. This can be done through peer counseling, child advocacy, interventions, and shearing behavior among others.

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Goals of Holistic Assessment

Holistic assessment refers to the evaluation and analysis of the whole issue of concern.

  1. To offer the required education and skills to an individual to be able to take a responsibility towards achieving a balance, as well as well being in own life
  2. To increase the confidence by one on the ability to control or participate in planning own life ones there are the necessary support, knowledge, and skills.
  3. To come up with a full and clear understanding of an individual’s social, physical, and spiritual well being

Benefits for Bill if Holistic Assessments were performed

Bill would be able to understand his rights as a minor and come up with an appropriate way of dealing with the situation he is experiencing with his father. In addition, he will be able to know what is right for him and what is not thus able to deal with the various situations in a skilled and a desired manner. Bill will be able to design a strategy or plan of controlling own life with or without the step father’s support.

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 Skills and Strategies I would use to establish Rapport with Bill.

Approach Bill in a friendly manner so that he can be free to discuss the situation he is undergoing openly without fear. In addition, this will ensure that he does not holding back other relevant and necessary information. Ones Bill is open and can freely share his situation with me I will then begin interrogating him on issues related to his social, physical, and even spiritual well being. It is from such interrogation that I will be able to know deeply and clearly his relationship with the step father and his mother, as well.

Important things I would need to find out about Bill to access the situation and how I would find out these.

Some of the most crucial things I will need to find out from Bill will include; his social, physical, and even the spirit background with both step father and his mother.  In addition, I will need to find out the reason as to why he is being subjected to such condition by the step father.

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Signs I should look for to determine that Bill is at risk of either self harm or harm from his step father and possible action to protect him.

Look at the way he is giving comments or suggestions about the encounters he has hard with his step father. If he is giving the comments bitterly, then I will then I will know the possible outcome if he is left alone or if when with the step father. In addition, I will look at the state that Bill to determine if what he is telling me is true or not thus enabling me to conclude on the possible outcome. I will then offer some guidance and counseling on how to go about with the step father’s action and even his mother’s action.

Brief Assessment summary

Bill has been subjected to psychological problems by the step father’s action and his mother’s quietness and assertiveness. As a result, since he has no option, he goes ahead to behave in a strange and unusual manner. This then means that he needs a lot of psychological counseling and if possible grant him a helping relationship.

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Interventions appropriate for Bill and how I would involve him in deciding the best interventions for him.

I will apply the most appropriate mechanisms that can enable me to collect information from Billy. This will further enable me to know the degree of risk he is subject to experience. One I have identified this; I will access the priority on whether it needs immediate intervention. Finally, I will follow the relevant procedures such as the legal policies that can be taken on the step father’s actions.



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