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Harley Case

Based on your analysis above and the information in the case, which provider would you select? Why? Does the provider with the highest matrix score automatically “win”? If you were asked to summarize your reasons for your choice to senior executives in 2 minutes or less, what would you say?

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Based on the analysis done, I would select provider 1, since it collects the highest scores for the entire qualitative criterion. The provider with the highest matrix score automatically win in the selection process.

Considering the different qualitative criteria, most of the available choices give out a better service. However, significant choices give the best in terms of accountability, provision of implementation and technical support and the likelihood of mutual benefit based on the long-term relationship. From the information gathered, it is clear that long-term relationship potential takes the highest score. Under nomal circumstances, public relationships tend to solve many issues that affect the organization. Linking the same to the overall functionality of the program, the rating suggests that the providers tend to have an extensive knowledge of how the program works. The appreciation of the working conditions in achieving the organizational goals greatly relies on how different programs work within the management portfolio. Achievements work hand in hand with the program to ensure perfect combination of all resources to give out positive output.

How would you assess the overall software selection process at Harley Davidson? What strengths and weaknesses do you see? What changes (if any) would you make to the process?

The overall software selection process was done perfectly. It is exceptionally clear that all the providers have an idea with what and how the software works. Additionally, the benefits that the software provide to various departments depicts throughh the rating the providers attach to the available criteria. It is crucial to note that overall software selection process at Harley Davidson gets the best rating with the services they provide for the three providers.

In a collection of information, there must be strengths and weaknesses that affect the research. In the strengths, people under the research had viable information regarding the software. This gave the researchers an opportune time in the collection of data. Working with the providers with structured information concerning a product makes it easier in gathering the information. However, sometimes it is hard to explain technical terms to some people. Under such circumstances, people will tend to incorporate subjectiveness into the discussion process. This brings a dilemma in making conclusions.

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The process counts to be the best according to my rating sequence. The company should continue with the service to facilitate the development.

Custom Harley Case essay

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