Homosexuality and the Society

Homosexuality can be defined as a condition where a person develops or has a sexual desire for another person of his or her own sex. It can also be said to be a condition where a person chooses a member of his own sex for sexual relations and domestic partnerships. Homosexuality can also be said to be acts intended to arouse or stimulate a sexual response regarding a person of the same sex. Homosexuality affects many people in different societies in different ways. Although many societies consider this behavior as an abomination, there are people in these societies that view it as being normal.

Homosexuality is viewed as an act that violates the divine and natural law in many societies. In this regard, this behavior is often treated as being deviant, or against the norms of the society. Antagonists of this behavior hold that it is socially destructive, against the nature and the Bible. It is wrong in every way, and decent people should not support it in any way.  A society consists of many individuals. When homosexuality is put into play in this context, it can be seen it impacts the whole society (Terry, 2003). All life process like marriage between a man and a woman has a purpose which is mainly for procreation. The family which is the building block of the society is killed. Homosexuality kills this because it is done mainly for casual and for sexual pleasure. Homosexual activities do not affect homosexuals individually, but it harms the society instead. The Bible describes it as an abomination and defiling. It is reprehensible and unclean.

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Whitam & Mathy (2005) argue that people who engage in this behavior are at a higher rate of contacting dangerous diseases like hepatitis A, B and C, gonorrhea, syphilis, gay bowel syndrome, bacteria vaginosis and Aids. This is so because most gay couples do not stick to one partner, but have multiple sexual partners at a time. Other than this, they also more likely to participate in more dangerous activities like drug and alcohol abuse, which lead to depression, domestic violence and suicide. This is mostly common in societies that have legalized and accepted homosexuality.

When homosexual couples decide to have children, they have to do it either by adoption or through the artificial insemination. This destroys the essence of the family because this is not the way that God intended for people to have children. Children in such families are often brought up with two parents of the same sex. Terry (2003) holds that it is unhealthy for children to grow up in such an environment. A child needs a male father and a female mother in order to grow up well and to develop well emotionally and psychologically. It also helps children to develop their sexuality. Children of such parents are more likely to engage in the sexual behavior which is quite risky.  Children born to these families are also likely to perform poorly at school. This is a major disadvantage for the society. Dececco & Baker (2006) assert that children brought up around homosexuals are more likely to undergo sexual molestation.  They are also likely to be recruited into homosexuality at an early age because they are not sure of their sexual orientation, but rather copy what they see from those around them. Homosexual activity is also connected with high rate promiscuity, drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental and physical illnesses which all negatively influence the society. It is a major force that tears down the society and harms children.

Homosexuality is a societal evil and it undermines religion since many religions are against it. Most gay people are against religious teachings, which criticize and preach against the practice. Gays and lesbians  want special rights like marriage rights, adoption rights, and an end to government discrimination in the military, and, possibly, anti-discrimination rights. This is a burden to the government because they want to be treated as special people but they are not. The other way in which homosexuality affect society is that the antagonists of this practice have undergone acts of violence by homosexuals. This is because since they are a minority they want the majority to accept their way of life.

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Different societies have different views on homosexuality. Many societies view homosexuality as unnatural contrary to nature. In other words, nature itself teaches that the practice is wrong. It is intuitively obvious that homosexuality is wrong and a particularly rebellious sin. The attitudes of the society to homosexuality vary in different countries and periods of history, so as the attitudes towards the sexual desire and relationships. Each culture has values towards the sexuality and whether it is appropriate or not. In some cultures people accept homosexual relationships, and others disapprove them. 

Not long ago, persons who decided to practice homosexual behavior had to keep it in secret. If there was news that someone was homosexual, one would be criticized, because the society considered this act as a really shameful one. Nevertheless, homosexual people started to be quite open to tell everybody about their way of life and described it in a positive way and as a normal condition.   (Whitam & Mathy, 2005). This has shown that different societies worldwide have started embracing homosexuality. This is so because of the young and upcoming generation, which is more open-minded than the old people. Most societies have started accepting it as a lifestyle. This is a big plus for the homosexuals. Additionally, these demonstrations are paid much attention and time in the media, which differs from the time in the past. People who are against homosexuals are considered as homophobes. The evil of being a homosexual transformed into the evil of being a homophobic.  People who were against the homosexuality are now considered more evil than homosexuals themselves. However, not enough time passed for homosexuality to be legal. Many countries have done legislative changes to marriage laws to allow homosexual couples to marry. Many societies have also embraced it as a way of showing respect for the civil, political, social, moral and religious rights of the people. Societies that have embraced this type of marriage argue that denying the same sex couples the right to marry represents discrimination based on sexual orientation. It is also viewed that for the financial, psychological and physically well being of people is improved by marriage. It is also argued that children of the same couples benefit from being raised by both parents who are legally married.

From those societies that have embraced it, there others that have rejected it. There are those societies that view it as a criminal offense and those who practice it are treated like criminals. Other societies have formed opposition groups that are against lesbianism, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights. These groups frequently challenge the judicial rulings and judicial legislatives made in favor of gay people. They also dispute any findings that try to suggest that being a homosexual is inborn and cannot be avoided. Most of these groups are influenced by religious beliefs and social beliefs that are usually very conservative. These groups try to reject privileges given to the homosexuals like the freedom to enjoy sexual relationships. In other communities where it was rejected, homosexuals are eliminated and put on concentration camps. Others undergo castration or sterilization. In other communities homosexuality is seen as a psychological disorder and those who practice it are treated for psychological disorder through guidance and counseling. Others, especially in Arab countries are punished with jail terms, fines or the corporal punishment. The homosexual relations are considered criminal and are forbidden in the most of countries, which laws are based on the Sharia Law. Islamic sects and groups are against homosexuality and consider it as unnatural law and deny woman of their rights.    It’s also viewed as a transgression of the natural role and aim of the sexual activity. In general, we can say that homosexuality is viewed differently by different people. It is upon an individual to decide whether homosexuality is good or bad and make the right choices for oneself (Brekhus, 2004, pp. 150).

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Homosexuals want there lifestyles to be given the moral approval. Some societies have accepted and embraced it, while others have rejected and illegalized it.  In societies that have embraced it, homosexuality is spoken about publicly without fear of victimization. Many homosexual couples are free and express their love publicly, which was not the case before. There has also been a rise in a number of gay rights activist groups. Famous gay couples are coming out and having their weddings in public. They are even shown in televisions all around the world. Among those who have accepted and legalized the same sex marriages and people are free to marry a person of the same sex without fear of being reprimanded (Brekhus, 2004, pp. 148). This is done with ordained priests and also with legal institutions. Different countries have begun allowing the same-sex couples to marry worldwide. Homosexual marriages are recognized and performed in various parts of the world. Some countries do not recognize the same-sex marriages from other countries. Some countries in the world recognize the same-sex marriages only by one partner changing their sex after marriage.

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