Nurse as Healer


Strange as it may sound but the truth is that a properly trained nurse has the capability of healing a person mentally or emotionally if given a chance. A recent study suggests such a case occurred not so long ago where a nurse successfully cured an emotionally distressed person after counseling and listening to his problems patiently for as long as six months.

Physical vs. Emotional

Just like we see a variety of patients around us visiting hospitals day in and day out same is the case with their sickness. Not all of them are physically injured or wounded or gashed. What is more concerning for a nurse and physician is when a person suffers an emotional shock or severe distress while having a terrible experience of any sort. In physical healing, a nurse is taught to consolidate on a specific patient and convince him to control/ manage his diseases to reduce any dangers to his health.

Florence Nightingale, the most well-known nurse of them all, devised few methods among others, this happens mostly to Diabetic patients since these patients have a strict routine to follow and diet plan, therefore it is important to use healing powers of a nurse to make them follow this plan for the longer run. This sometimes proves to be more difficult but it requires patience and constant working on patient’s habits and a routine check must be maintained. (Lowe, 4)

 She further suggested that the sole reason for a person to commit suicide only when he/ she find that he is not useful to society anymore. This is seen even today in many countries particularly in Japan which has the highest suicide rate in the world for this very cause. In Japan, nurses are regularly trained to provide healing efforts to those patients who are suffering with any sort of emotional stress or such. (Struthers, 133) This is alarming for health department which has allowed accommodating special courses in various hospitals where nurses are thoroughly trained to provide emotional healing whenever needed.

How healing is done?

Unlike physical healing which occurs rather quickly, emotional healing takes plenty of time and nurses are trained to be as patient as possible because every case varies in its dimensions. Some may take less time to recover; others may take months or even years. Either way, a nurse has to be patient enough to get the healing done. In one such case, nurse had to listen to a suicide attempting person who had gone through terrible experiences from his family, wife, children and even in professional life.

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The nurse has to listen to him 3-4 hours every day consistently without a gap. She listened and listened and suggested her tips to cure the distress where appropriate. Initially, the person resisted of listening anything but with the passage of time, he allowed the nurse some space and conversant her in a gentle manner. This continued for almost six months when one day, the patient felt confident enough to listen to nurse’s suggestions and to implement on some.


This was the first time in six months that he agreed to do what nurse asked her. The important thing is that healing is a quality that may be present in many of us but a nurse is a more suitable candidate to possess this quality as her primary job is to cure patients and ills anyway. What is important is the patience factor where some nurses fail to deliver despite hard training and experience behind them, some may deliver within few months depending their patience and technique of convincing a patient to get rid of his attitude slowly but surely.

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