Procedures of Research Productivity

Research is usually a self-mastered, independent activity. Thus, it is rather difficult to find solutions to the problem of increasing the productivity of one’s research. First of all, productivity is improved by “automaticity” that advances fluency. Productive writers compose texts with unpremeditated awareness of the words, because they rather depend on images than on carefully chosen words. Productive research is a result of inspiration as well as hard work. It is also determined by effective cognitive strategies, which can be used as problem-solving strategies. Networking is one of the major ways of motivation for the growth of productivity in research. Social skills and habits are determinants of its success.

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Recruitment and incentives are conservative approaches for nurturing research productivity, but they do little for the development of appropriate abilities in researchers. There are five innovative procedures that can establish productive and steady research, and, therefore, enhance it: regular writing, creativity, happiness, good luck, and good health.

Writing is vital for research productivity, and publication is a key measure of research output. Writing stands as the final stage of research making. It shows what findings have been done during the investigation.

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The process of creative thinking is required in every field of research. Creativity is often a matter of inspiration, but everyone can become more creative making use of certain practical techniques.

Researchers rarely admit the role of luck, thinking that it is rather a chance than regularity. Nevertheless, there are ways to foster it. Behaviors and characteristic beliefs might add to good luck, because internal convictions create external opportunities. Optimistic people are more likely to achieve success than those who do not expect it.

One’s inner happiness can serve as a means of achieving other goals, including research productivity. It gives protection against stresses that happen in the workplace. Happy researchers tend to be cooperative, with additional sources of productivity. Their optimism will not be discouraged by failure, because optimistic researchers are oriented towards success. Though promotion of happiness within research organizations is not extended.

Healthy sleep, diet, physical exercise, and avoiding damaging habits are central points in maintaining proper health. People leading a healthy lifestyle have more energy and time to do research. Long research career is also determined by one’s duration of life and abilities that are maintained by healthy way of life.

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To sum it up, standard procedures of increasing research productivity have limitations. That is why five alternative ones are proposed, which can be useful for any researcher.

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