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Multicultural Education

Multicultural issues are problems that arise within the interchange of people of different cultures or within groups in which more than one culture coexists (Seel 2359). The term “multiculturalism” became widely used in 1970s in Australia and Canada.

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For a long period of contextual legacy of multicultural “recognition”, it caused two types of thoughts in the USA. First, America is a country where many diverse cultures coexist and are taken as Americans. Second, people should receive the identities from their culture, ethnic, or racial groups. Adherents of these views persist in their rights of recognition and exclusivity in the government policies that guarantee it.

Multicultural Education

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The era of multicultural education in USA started in the 1960s, at the increase of the protests over the economic and civil equality for people, who have felt the discrimination. The principles that underlie in multicultural education mean that every person can have equal representation, access, and outcome. From its outset, multicultural education still receives a lot of criticism, conflict, and controversy.

One of the primary scholars of multicultural education, James Banks, states that multicultural education means an education for freedom, which is necessary in ethnically separated present day world (Banks 32). At this point, Banks indicates three main goals of multicultural education and brings clearance to some mistaken assessments regarding multicultural education.

Multicultural society

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Almostall societies are multicultural. Louis Mazel, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM), explaining the phenomenon of America’s multicultural society noticed that “America is not so much a melting pot of various ethnic groups, but rather a mosaic of several cultures integrated firmly and successfully into American society”. That is why immigrants should feel freedom for cultural integration, and the government should remember that ignoring these principles means violating the principles of diversity.

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