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Sony Corporation is a Japanese company based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the largest media and electronics companies in the world (Hoover). It specializes in the production of electronics. Sony Corporation owns Sony Group which deals with consumer products and services, business-to-business services, networking and financial services. Sony has six areas of operation: Sony computer entertainment, Sony music entertainment, Sony financial services, and Sony Pictures entertainment. Sony Corporation has two major websites namely

Sony Corporation’s website displays five products, namely Electronics, Game, Movie, Music, and Finance. Sony has a good marketing strategy in their website because they incorporate beautiful product images all over the website. This is a good strategy which captures the eye of the web visitor.  Sony electronic products are grouped depending on the location of the client. This is an important factor in localization of their services. These are Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Oceania.  It classifies its regional headquarters into Asia Pacific and Sony Middle East and Africa regions. Sony’s major products are TV and projectors, TV & projector accessories, home video, home audio, home theatre system, compact digital camera, computer and its peripherals, portable audio, in-car entertainment, storage and recording media, interchangeable lens camera, battery and charger, video, camera and camcorder.

Sony website has majored in supplying their products information to all regions by making sub-domains of each region, in particular Africa, Europe and Asia. This is a good way of ensuring that the information reaches the right people. Products that are intended for African population cannot go to Asian or Europe population. Their play station service is another major product of Sony Corporation. Play station targets the youths across all the regions of the world. According to traffic analytics, the play stations webpage is the one that is visited by many people in one day. Young people are the majority and that is why Sony Corporation targets them and as a result, they generate more sales. The play station services are also localized since they cover North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Their online play station services include free multiplayer online games, renting favorite movies and TV movies, streaming of live music and live content via Hulu Plus and Netflix. Clients can also be able to send messages to their friends, invite them for a game, and also video chat. This is a major thing in attracting youths to buy their play station products.

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Sony music is another part that the Sony Corporation website covers. Sony music entertainment is a website that provides local and international recorded music. At this website, they provide all the necessary information and catalogues on the music recordings. The website also covers all kinds and genres of music. It features famous artists, some of them bein: Kelly Clarkson, One direction, Paul Somon, Jackie Evancho, and Jimi Hendrixc among others. 

Sony financial services are provided by Sony Financial Holdings Inc, Sony Life Insurance, Sony Assurance Inc, Sony Bank Inc, Sony Bank Securities Inc, AEGON Sony Life Insurance, LIPLA, and Sony Finance International. Sony website has really promoted its financial products in an attempt to reach more people in the community. Its financial services mostly focus on the Japanese community. They also advertise their financial products in the media. They now offer a Sony branded Visa card.  By providing financial services to the people of Japan, they are working to win the trust. They offer services like savings, investment, money borrowing and customer protection.

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Sony Picture is a Canadian web service that advertises the Sony branded movies which are either coming soon or are already in the theaters. It gives the web visitor the chance to check where certain films are being played in his or her locality. It also shows the time, date and gives directions. This is a good way to market their pictures by marketing the theaters which are showing their products. This is the best way they have used their website to advertise even their TVs, projectors, and big LCD theatre screens.

Sony website has a support page where one can directly send message to the website administrator. It can be an inquiry, complain, or just a feed back. In order for a web visitor to be able to contact the support team, he/ she must first select the category of interest that is electronics, mobile phones, games, music, movies, financial services, or a general category. After choosing the category of interest, one must choose the country of residence or the nearest Sony distributor. This is important in making sure that only the very important issues are sent to Sony headquarters in Japan. Each support service has its independent website; this means that after selecting the category and the country or region of residence, one is directed to a Sony website which deals with that product. In such support systems, customers feel more at ease when buying a company’s product because they can talk and consult with a representative who is in their locality. Sony has majored on customer support in all its products thus having increased sales in all the regions of the world.

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Sony website is offering personalized products to their clients. The Sony Corporation’s website offers all kinds of services to fit different customer needs. For example, in their TV and projectors section, we have big screens and 15 inches LCD screens. They are all products of Sony Corporation, but they are of different sizes since not everyone wants a big screen, theaters need bigger screens compared to the one for home use. Sony music and entertainment offers music from all genres in order to satisfy the taste of all their clients. Consumer preference is what they have used as a major target in service delivery. One can place an order to Sony Corporation for a customized product which is made according to the expectations of the client. Product customization includes placing of customer’s name on the product’s case, and engraving a logo on a given product.

Sony Corporation has adopted a new face of marketing where they now offer online courses. One of such programs is Sony 101. This is an online tutorial which provides tips on photography, more so, on the digital part. In Sony 101 program, there are four online resources: home entertainment, financial solutions to micro businesses, use of personal computers, and digital photography. All visitors of their websites are eligible for applying for the program. These programs are divided into various segments, mostly in days., for example, Day 1 tutorial and Day 2 tutorial. Sony makes use of these tutorials by placing ads on the right sidebar. This is their new marketing technique.

Sony’s offers are another strategy of Sony Corporation to market its products. Sony’s offers are mostly on electronics products. In most cases, they normally target college students, tourists, and digital companies. Offers for students include price reduction on computers and peripherals and selling discounted digital cameras to them. For tourists, they offer price discounts for digital cameras, digital notepads, high quality Sony watches, and Sony camcorders. To other businesses, they offer them sophisticated business projectors, touch screens for business presentations, high quality Sony Ericson mobile phones, and even Sony tablets which enhance service delivery within a given business organization (marketers).

Sony Corporation also does marketing bythe use of Newsletters. Newsletters are publications either sent by mail or e-mail to subscribed people. When one is enquiring about a product at any Sony-related website, they are requested by their e-mails which are later used to send them newsletters. Also one can subscribe for these newsletters by the use of a subscription module in any of their websites. This is a good method of ensuring that the people who come across the newsletter know all the products that a company offers.

Sony has home a number of websites all linked to the Corporation website which makes it easy for visitors to access all the products from one website. Sony has multiple sites written in the Japanese language which makes the company famous in their home country and to any Japanese living overseas.

Sony has enhanced the security of their visitors. On its online policy page, it is indicated that they do not redirect visitors to other sites which do not belong to Sony Corporation. These terms clearly advise the visitor to read policy term of any website owing to be an affiliate of Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation website only collects IP address and referring domain using the visitor’s computer cookies. The term also advises the children under the age of 16 years to seek parental guidance before doing anything or requesting for any information from Sony website. In the event of breach of terms by a visitor, Sony stands in place. They indicate that in no case a visitor, director, employee or a manager will pay indemnification fee to any other party unless there is a written letter of consent from Sony (Sony).

In order to enhance the security of Sony’s customers, I would recommend the use of trusted payment processing company. They should avoid processing the credit card payments on their website. They should also use website monitoring software that will enable them to monitor all the activities of the clients. Sony Corporation is a high quality website with eye-catching content that keep up the good image.

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