Worldwide, many people are suffering from NAFLD because there is no established treatment option. Currently, treatment options for patients with progressive form of NAFLD or NASH are limited and there is need to carry out clinical trials to establish treatment of these conditions. NAFLD affects many people, but current therapeutic measure aims at weight loss that can be achieved through exercise and modification the lifestyle of human beings. This is done through intake of appropriate food supplements in the body.

Various studies show that improvement in liver enzymes and evidence of hepatic staetosis, but it has long term histologic improvement has not yet been established. In addition, most patients are never comfortable with exercising to lose or sustain weight. Current study is focuses on establishing effectiveness of medical treatment of NASLD through bariatric surgery, diet with or without exercise, and antiobesity medications. It is important, therefore, to develop effective treatment for patients with NAFLD.

Increasing evidence indicates that bariatric surgery is likely to improve conditions related to NASH and NAFLD in morbidity obese subjects. It is vital to encourage patients to exercise to lose and sustain weight. This is actually beneficial in the sense that it reduces transaminases, serum insulin, histologic improvement in various patients, reduce glucose. In addition, it evident that, components of metabolic syndrome aids in resolving weight loss thereafter. However, the efficacy of such treatment measures or options remains unevaluated in a properly designed clinical study.

Moreover, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects numerous people globally and is likely to cause increased cardiometabolic risk with subsequent poor cardiovascula outcomes that are autonomous of conventional cardiovascular threat factors accompanied by metabolic disorder. NAFLD is characterized by insulin resistance and is universally related to diabetes type 2 and obesity in both children and adults. This condition is also marker of pathological ectopic accumulation of fat with low-grade unremitting inflammatory disease. This leads to various deleterious processes of pathophysiological such as abnormal glucose, increased oxidative stress, hypertension, fatty acid and endothelial dysfunction. This research has revealed that NASLD is a threat and has affected various people around the globe. It has also reviewed its mechanism and the underlying association with NASH, cardiologist’s perspective, and suggested current and potential future treatment options. This issue requires further research because of its increasing prevalent in many children and adults.

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