Women Empowernment Through Education

The major middle age revolutions that took place in the world between 1759 to 1792 left a lot to be desired. Civilzation was one of the major consequence of that revolution, gender equality became one of the topic that some of the women scholars became interested in and Mary Wollstonecraft , a British scholar is regarded to have make a significant contribution to eradicating gender disparity in the society by advocating for women empowerment through education eventhough the virtue is not fully attained as women education was viewed as a deviation from the traditional norm of motherwood.The question now is;to what extend is women empowerment through education and the limiting factor to this great course as portrayed by Mary Wollstonecraft?

Women have been able to free themselves from the chains of being governed, controlled, abused, dictated and misused by men whom they marry by gaining education, according to Mary Wollstonecraft education has enabled women to know their rights as women and those of their men unlike the ancient non educated women who had a stong self belive of being feminine in all their deeds and the world was for men, the world of education and politics just to mention a few while women had a role of motherwood and caregivers.

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Subsiquently, education has successful changed the misconception on the law of nature, that women were born to be inferior to men emmernating from their feminism, what can a woman do? Nothing, the place for a woman in the ancient times according to Mary Wollstonecraft was in the home to take care of their families and to bear children and could not do what was regarded to be a man’s affair like politics and leadership,educating a woman therefore has done away with the inferiority complex in the todays society.

In contrast to the progress that has been achieved in empowering women with education, women are the consequence of illitrate mothers in the wold today, if most women are still on the old school of thought that their major role in the family is motherwood and nothing more, then what do we expect? Of course a society full of non educated women.

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