Research Competencies of Advanced Practice Nurse

Research Skills competency in APN

Several research competencies had been identified by Hamric Model of Advance Practice Nurse (APN) that includes clinical and professional leadership, research skills and consultations among other competencies. In participating in active clinical research I would prefer to apply research skills competency as the most appropriate and most effective. Therefore, as a researcher I would have the interest to learn more about research skills before conducting any actual application in the Advanced Practice Nurse

 Malaria related clinical research project can help me practice and advance in the research skill competency, the main motive of choosing on this area of clinical research emanates from the fact that Malaria is one of the present world killers’ diseases of both children, and adults and for this reason I can say that this is a worthwhile research project as it considers the current trend in the health care concern.  The main reason for conducting this study is to come out with ways of reducing malaria infections and death rates from the menace.  My role as a project participant applying research skills is to show my capability of coming up with a new solution to the already identified problems associated with malaria.

Research skills competency procedure

Data collection

The fist stage of the research involves collecting of tests based on evidences of the past malaria infections and its consequences from the past victims. Obtaining proper data of evidences gives a guideline of developing the research questions for the projects. A good example is finding out from those who once suffered from malaria infections the possible courses that they think caused them to suffer from malaria, for instance if some say it was as a result of Mosquito bites then a question can be developed from that, is it really mosquito bites that cause malaria? How? What bacteria do they carry that cause malaria? (Willis & Stommel.  2004).

Data management

 The data obtained from the fist step must always be kept confidential by all the researchers as it contains critical medical information of the respondents. Most of the clinical research findings are kept in both files and computers that offer easy and quick dissemination of information. Different kinds of problem questions and observations are kept in different files bearing different codes ether in alphabetical order or in numerical forms which also enables for easy retrevial (Willis& Stommel.  2004).

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Response and use of the study results

Monitoring and responding to the occurrence of the various complications that are associated with the malaria infections with the aim of solving the stated problem questions from the fist step.  This is the actual application of medical facts in research in relating it to the outcome of the research.


It is always advisable that any new researcher be assisted by the senior clinical nurses in conducting any research; the new nurses are assisted by the seniors also referred to as the principle investigators.  Subsequently, since it had been proved that no person can do successful investigative researches single handedly it is therefore recommended that all the research be done as a team work.

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