Ways of Reading by David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky

In the book Introduction; Ways of Reading by David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky, there are some mysterious, confusing, exiting and insightful passage. For example, in the fourth paragraph, the authors say that when someone reads, it is possible to hear the voice of an author. This is exiting and mysterious to me. This is because when someone is reading from the book he or she is only trying to understand the authors own observation, experience or some research findings. I think the kind of interaction or communication that happens between the author and the reader is that of the thinking process only where an individual only tries to understand the thoughts of the author.

In the same paragraph, it is also exiting for the author to say that when someone read, regardless he or she understands trusts that in the end of it he will grasp what the author is communicating. This is amusing and true because at times people find themselves grasping nothing from an author’s written work yet they keep on reading hoping to grasp what the author was saying later.

Still on the same passage, the authors say that after reading some else published work, one is in a position to see the outlines of the authors’ patterns, rhythms and project of that particular way of interpreting and seeing the world. This portrays reading in an insightful way. This is because reading can have the power to instill visualization ability in an individual and enhance his thinking process.

In the fifth paragraph, the authors says that when someone stop reading, the author also stop speaking. This means that the communication come to an end. According to the author, it is now the reader’s time to respond to what the author had said. This is quit confusing because this is not always the case. Someone can read a book or an article and fail to reflect on it. Some of the things that people read do not necessary mean that a reflection is a must. For example a person can just read an advertisement board for the sake of it and fail to take keen note of the massage contained.

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