The recent trend in dissertation writing suggests that more and more young researchers tend to buy dissertation results from online writing companies as opposed to creating them on their own. What is the reason for this tendency? Well, basically, when you do a results section of a dissertation, you do not really present the results of your study, but rather highlight the main findings and explain them to the readers. While you, as the author, know everything about your paper’s data, the audience is unaware of what your dissertation found and how it can be applied. Therefore, you need to select the most important information and arrange it in a way that would be understandable and comprehensible for the readers. For someone who spent so much time and efforts on a profound research, writing a dissertation results analysis often seems exhausting and useless. In such cases, professional online dissertation results help can become a smart solution.

Custom Dissertation Results: How to Arrange Them?

There are two basic ways of presenting the data in your custom dissertation results chapter:

  • You can scan the research questions and objectives mentioned in previous chapters and list them altogether. Then, for every objective and question, find a matching research result, and explain the connection between them. This approach makes your work more consecutive and structured, which is always an advantage.
  • You can also present the research results in the order that they appeared in your study. In other words, you can put them chronologically, and show how your discoveries evolved in the course of your work. This method is logical and implies a narrative character of results presentation, which can be easier for the readers to perceive.

Whichever way you choose for your work, remember to put enough explanatory information in this section. Charts, graphs, tables, definitions, images, and other additional materials can be helpful here. It is good to ask one of your colleagues or friends to look through this chapter and tell you if everything is clear: an unbiased opinion can help to stay objective and improve your work in terms of its comprehensibility.

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