Literature Commentary

In the play The Libation Bearers, the moment of Electra pouring her cup on her brother’s grave in order to invite him from the world of the dead is one of the most notable scenes. First of all, its chief aim is to express the tenderness of the relationship between the brother and the sister and the ambiguousness of the situation in the whole. The dramatic nature of it includes two aspects: at first sight, Electra makes her brother, Orestes, reappear; it is of common knowledge that she persuades him to find the ground friendly. She makes everything possible to guarantee his renewal, but the second aspect of the situation is quite different. Even though Electra achieves her goal, the brother and sister, as well as their mother, cannot be happy as Orestes’ rebirth does not bring any positive results for the characters; it resulted in the death of their mother and the Orestes’ madness. The scene demonstrates the correlation between the character of the personality, his/her perceptions, feelings and the will power and the destiny of this personality.

The scene taken from the play The Libation Bearers is peculiar for the emotions of the character described in it. In this case, the negative emotions prevail as Electra feels more than desolate. Desperation is the feeling which influences the actions of the character as this very feeling makes Electra animate Orestes’ locks. Other Electra’s emotions are caused by her anguish as she understands that the final of Orestes’ renewal can be tragic only. In this way, the scene demonstrates the influence of character’s emotions on his/her life and even his/her destiny. What is more, the emotionality of the scene persuades the viewer that the characters are more than sincere. Their major aim is to make the viewers empathize the characters and to be involved in the play whereas the artistic value of the scene under consideration is obvious.

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