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Life and death are the two dimensions in which a human heart beats – life makes the sound of the heart loud and clear, and death brings silence. It is not in the silence, where dreams and hopes of a person shout to be heard; it is life that ruins the whispers of the soul, and sometimes life makes dreams come true. With dreams come love and passion. The movie Their Eyes were Watching God is aboutfinding love while living and losing it in front of the death’s face.

The movie Their Eyes were Watching God due to its form of presentation is an inner monologue of the main heroine Janie Crawford that develops into a dialogue between life and reality. The formula of her sadness that she carries all the time in her thoughts lays in a gap between the notions of what her life is and the idea about what her life is supposed to be.

The step Janie makes and her decisions find an emotional response in the audience. Twenty years of Janie’s life have been dedicated to men who have never loved her and have given her nothing but disappointment. It is not money and the world that Janie has wanted to have and see but true feelings and devotion. One may sympathize with Janie, because she lives an empty life without love. What encourages the fascination with Janie is the power of her will and heart to believe in love and wait for the moment to be happy.

The episode when Janie sees a boy Tea Cake, who is younger than she is, for the first time gives the idea that in his eyes there is passion and love she has always been craving for. The love that Janie finally falls in leaves an impression of fatality that supports feelings of two people.

Janie has had three chances to change her life, and the decisions have been made under the influence of emotions that she has trusted more that reason. She uses one when she goes away from her first husband. She spoils the other one when she decides to stay with the second husband after a fight, and abandons the third chance to be free when she remains with Tea Cake, and that choice makes her dreams come true. The audience is full of admiration for Janie who is happy to live with Tea Cake. That is why her answer to Tea Cake’s questions is so memorable and touching: “Whatcha doin', Janie? I'm watchin' God.” (Darnel, 2005).  This phrase is the title of the movie, and the depth of its meaning inspires the thoughts about true moral values, and the sense of life and love.

The movie Their Eyes were Watching God is a mirror that tells the story of the main character. Figuratively speaking, the mirror of Janie’s life has fallen many times, but it has never been broken, and this is the spirit of happiness she has felt that has made the mirror strong. Janie is happy with Tea Cake, and she does not care about the future or the past, because her present engulfs her completely into the hugs of the loved man. The movie teaches to “be in a moment”, because “If you can see the light at daybreak, you don't keer if you die at dusk. It's so many people never seen the light at all” (Darnel, 2005). 

The message of the movie is the idea that a person should trust feelings and emotions, because life becomes an illusion of broken hearts without them. It is important to be yourself and find one who can help to see the life in the light of love.

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