Horror Movies

Turn off the light, draw the curtains, put the volume up, and turn a horror movie on. What an exciting moment! With so many cool horror movies which were already released in 2016, we can already start to prepare the fresh must-watch list for 2017. Here it is. 

1)      Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Since the launch of the Resident Evil franchise, this series of movies holds everyone in excitement. And if there’s something that we’ve learned from franchise movies, it’s that if the movie has words like “last” or “final” it doesn’t mean that it will really be the last movie.

2)      Death House. This movie has been labeled as "The Expendables of Horror" because of its remarkable cast. Just look at these actors – Barbara Crampton from Re-Animator, Tony Todd from Candyman, Kane Hodder from Friday the 13th's, Dee Wallace and Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes, and many others unite in Death House. No matter the plot, seeing all these actors on one screen is already a gift.   

3)      Meg. Twenty years in the works and, finally, Eli Roth is going to present a new shark movie. Expect the good old plot with 2017’s outstanding visual effects.

4)      Suspiria. Prepare yourself for the reboot of one of the greatest horror movies of the past century. While it’s a difficult task, chances are that it will be completed in a decent way. Just wait and see.

5)      Friday the 13th. Finally, our favorite Jason Voorhees returns! Though the Friday the 13th reboot has already been delayed for a number of times, we hope 2017 is the year that we will finally see the good old movie in a new light.  

6)      The Chair. This movie is an adaption of Alterna Comics. It follows an innocent man who is imprisoned on Death Row. He has no other choice but to make some really brutal actions to protect himself from an ugly prison warden.

7)      Saw Legacy. The creepy puppet returns! And who knows where the 8th chapter will take us?

8)      IT. I couldn’t control my excitement when the full cast list for this movie was revealed. Despite the series of delays and some development problems, we will finally see IT in 2017.   

9)      The Dark Tower. A new movie based on Stephen King’s work. What else could you ask for? The Dark Tower has all the potential to meet the high expectations.

10)   Abruptio. A cool new movie with Buffy's James Marsters. Her main character should perform a series of unpleasant things in order to remove an explosive device from her neck.

11)   World War Z 2. An impressive comeback for lovers of horrors with zombies. The World War Z saga will continue in June of 2017.

12)  Annabelle 2.What a cute doll! Well, OK, not so cute, but that’s exactly why we love it. Annabelle 2 will be a sequel of the spin-off of The Conjuring.


That’s a scary list, isn’t it?


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