Body Language Tricks

People send each other subconscious signals all the time when they talk, walk, look, eat or laugh together. There are specific tricks you can use to make people like you. This might seem to be a positive manipulation; however, such skills will be beneficial for both sides.

How to Make People Like You

Manipulation can be divided into two major types: bad and positive. I urge you to use positive manipulation when communicating with people. Use psychology tricks with positive intentions only.

Here are the tricks that will make other people perceive you better.

Be confident and project security. Try to get rid of the unpleasant thoughts and do some training to feel secure. Keep in mind that at first sight, everyone you meet is a friend unless the opposite is proven. Be open towards people. As time passes, you’ll see if he or she intends to be good friends with you or not. Remember that any person you meet deserves respect. Thus, don’t make people feel unimportant unless they’ve done something wrong to make you think otherwise. Like people until the moment they make you change your opinion and never judge in advance. Give people a chance to show who they are. Is there anything you can do for people? Think about this. When you are helping others, automatically you make them think how they can help you in return. This situation is a winning one for all of the participants. Never insist too much when you are offering help. Remember that people should decide if they really need it.

Your posture is one of the first visual signals to people who meet you. So by using body language, you can make first steps to the desired impression. Be straight, but not tense, relax as much as possible, and don’t puff your chest. If you can’t find a comfortable posture, try to put your feet wide with your hips, imagine yourself taller than you are, relax your neck and shoulders, and keep your head in a way you look right in the eyes of a person. Relax when sitting up not to feel small as this can impact your feeling of confidence. Get some tension in your core and abs when standing or sitting, this will add more grace to your moves. Don’t put your feet too close together, but rather wider apart.

When entering the room, you make the first impression on people. So, try smiling to show that you are happy to see all of the people there and greet them making a short eye contact with a sliding gaze over each of them. Don’t hurry and take your time. If there’re a lot of people, wave to imaginary friends as if you know someone in the crowd.

Your handshake should be firm and yet gentle and should be accompanied by an eye contact. If you don’t know how long you should look into person’s eyes, look as long as you need to remember their eyes color.

Combine your posture with your positioning to make a good impression. Your stance should be open when you are talking with people, which is a firm signal of trust. Try to angle a little at a person you are interacting with. Never lean on the objects, walls, tables or anything else as this means you feel insecure.



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