Starting a Career of a Freelance Writer

Four years ago, when I made up my mind to start a freelance writer career, no one seemed to support me. It is not surprising, as I used to have quite a good salary at the company I worked for. On the contrary, I chose uncertain future with almost no experience in writing.

My friends, and even my parents tried to convince me to change my mind, but I firmly decided to try myself. Even back then, I knew that online writing is a good way of earning money. Some time later, I made sure of it.

Now I am a freelancer earning full-time salary. However, it is not the biggest plus of freelancing. In addition, I can work whenever I want and as long as I want. Freelancing not only helps me earn money, but also saves lots of my time. It is true that it was not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. However, I managed to overcome all doubts and troubles and remain loyal to freelance writing.

 How to Begin a Freelance Writing Career

Many people think that it is impossible to start a freelance writing career without some specific writing skills and it is not an option for a beginner. They are mistaken! The most important thing in this work is to have a desire to work and passion for writing. If your only desire is to get as much money as possible and to do it in the shortest time possible, then freelance writing is not for you.

Where to Start if I Have no Experience

It is true that even if you are willing to write, you can easily get confused with the number of online resources where you can start.

The first step before you start being a freelancer is to find out as much as possible about online writing and available resources. You will see that different writers have their own preferences regarding where to look for gigs. Some prefer such platforms as Upwork, while others choose marketplace, etc. To succeed, you should understand what fits you best.

How to do it? The best way is to try different options and choose what you like most. As for me, I think that the best option is to choose a couple of platforms and combine working for them for better and more stable income.

After some time of using marketplaces, I started earning more and more until I increased my income by more than 100% in half a year.

Some of the websites popular among the beginners include Guru, Upwork, and Freelancer.

After some time of working at marketplaces, I found many other opportunities to earn money as a writer. They included articles writing, blogging, copywriting, etc.

Having worked a year in the industry, thanks to a great number of assignments, which I completed, I learnt so much that I claim myself to be a real expert in writing.

Now, no one of my relatives can say that freelancing is something not worth attention. I offer everyone to try their powers in freelance writing!



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