Descriptive Essay on Role Models

At some point of life, every one of us encounters a person, who can serve as a role model, a motivator, and even a supporter. It is all due to the person’s moral values, sense of honor, or determination. This person performs a function of the “guiding light” for the rest of your life and pushes you toward actions and self-development. Right now, I cannot make up my mind who this “lighthouse” for me is, as there are a few people I admire. All of them have their character traits and attitudes among which obviously one can find some drawbacks. Nonetheless, I mull over these personalities and want to take the best of them.

I met my first role model when I was just a seven-year-old kid visiting a museum. He was there and that was the first sign he did something great. Terry Fox caught my eyes, and his story of life inspired me. Despite he was an ordinary person at his times, our generation remembers him as a hero who crossed one third of the country to raise money for curing cancer. He outlived dreadful weather and excruciating pain yet continued running. He was not able to cross the finish line due to the spread of cancer, and the participation in this marathon cost him life yet his attempts are more valuable for me than his success. His determination and goal-orientation are impressive, and no one can question his contribution to cancer research.

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My second role model is not a famous person. It is my best friend Jennifer. My choice is barely grounded in our closeness. First of all, I respect her for striking the perfect balance between studying, working, and private life. She sets her priorities right, devotes enough time to her activities, and even finds time to help others. Second, I am always impressed with the way she overcomes the insurmountable obstacles. Jennifer acts with her head held high, courage, and dignity despite the encountered difficulties. She never complains or whines yet can ask for help if needed. Last but not least, she cannot stand rumor and never spreads it. Her standpoint on this issue deserves the highest award as the communication in modern society is mainly based on gossips and fake news stories.

The third role model in my life is me myself. One can claim that I am self-absorbed and self-centered as being a role model for yourself is the sign of narcissism. Nonetheless, I am inclined to believe that I am the one who can be an inexhaustible source of motivation and inspiration. What is the reason for constantly looking for external motivation when you can take advantage of yourself, your triumphs, and experience? All you need to do is to look at your life from another perspective and to be proud of the accomplishments and inner strength.

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Life is not an easy thing and is full of hardships, mishaps, and putting a foot wrong. Role models are “guiding lights.” They serve for us as reminders of the fact that a person can reach their goals simply plucking up the courage and being determined despite any burdens.


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