Human Trafficking Argumentative Essay

Human trafficking is one of the gravest problems nowadays. Typical essays on human trafficking look into the causes and effects of this phenomenon. This essay, like most human trafficking essays, discusses what one can expect from the government and organizations that try to combat this problem.

It is widely known that slavery has existed for centuries. Human trafficking can be classified as a modern form of slavery. It is regarded as the third most serious crime all over the globe with over 20 million victims a year. At the same time, this business makes considerable gains estimated at $40 billion a year. It is indicative of the fact that this business is highly profitable and thus, difficult to eliminate.

The main reason why migrants fall victim to human trafficking is that they want to have better lives with more means for living. This is especially applicable to women and young girls who are underpaid at home and flee from their countries to earn more money. Human trafficking can also end in organ removal conducted in some of the African and Asian countries. Hence, human trafficking remains an acute problem that must be solved immediately.

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 How does legalized prostitution correlate with human trafficking? According to the available data, the countries with legalized prostitution showed higher rates of human trafficking because of the ease with which women can be tricked into sexual exploitation. Thus, it seems obvious that the legalization of prostitution accounts for higher rates of sexual exploitation. In contrast to Sweden where the purchase of sexual services is outlawed, in Germany, the sex labor business is legal. Many countries try to clamp down on human trafficking but legalized prostitution hinders them from achieving any appreciable results. That stamps from the fact that in many countries of the world, any illegal actions require evidence. However, in the countries where prostitution is legalized, it can be more difficult to prove the occurrences of human trafficking.

What can we eliminate human trafficking? The first step to eradicating this problem is to ban prostitution in the countries where it is legal. Governments should undertake responsibility for controlling the markets and services provided. Sometimes, the women are torn between two choices: to get a small salary at some low-income position or much higher salary at a high-status position. Most women would definitely opt for the latter. However, not all of them attain their goals and instead of holding a high-status position, they are compelled to provide sexual services abroad.

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Thus, governments and different volunteering organizations put a lot of efforts into eliminating the problem of human trafficking or at least making it less rampant by disclosing more and more occurrences of women's exploitation. In the light of increasing human trafficking cases, it makes sense to enact stricter anti-trafficking laws and regulations that would help to combat human trafficking.

To sum up, with some stricter actions taken, it seems likely to mitigate or even eliminate the problem of human trafficking. Governments all over the globe should assume effective measures by providing more efficient collaboration between lawmakers and prosecutors. The potential casualties of human trafficking should also take more caution when setting out abroad in the search for a better life. Finally, it is essential to not to forget that legalized prostitution provides fertile ground for human trafficking.


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