Creating a Blog

Blogs have become an effective means of self-expression for millions of people. And yet, creating a blog that will attract readers, offer unique content, and give you some profit is not as simple as ABC. Don’t despair! Experienced bloggers are ready and willing to share the recipe for their success. Here are five steps you need to go through in order to create a personal blog.


Couldn’t be easier right? In reality, though, finding the right place to register your future blog is the first important decision you need to make. You can opt for free platforms that give anyone a chance to create a personal blog which will be one of the millions on a website. This is an easy way out but it’s rarely a ticket to success. The most popular blogs are not attached to any websites so you might need to register your own domain on a web-hosting platform of your choice. Thus from the very beginning, your blog will be independent and different from the millions of generic blogs.


Speaking of generic, the theme of your blog is the first thing the reader will notice so make sure it’s eye-catching. There are two ways of getting a one of a kind theme. With a sufficient amount of coding skills, you can try to create it on your own. In this case, the chances of someone else having the same theme are almost zero. However, this is an unsuitable option for the majority of aspiring bloggers since coding is something you need to learn in advance. That’s when professionals come to rescue. You can purchase any theme you like, and it will serve your blog for life.

Work on Details

When buying a theme, you’ll get a basic skeleton that you can modify to your own liking. That’s what will make your blog different from any other so tweaking the general theme is necessary. You can install analytic apps to keep track of your statistics, allow users to subscribe by their Google accounts, add some visual effects, basically anything to make your blog a comfortable place for you and the readers alike.

Install Plugins

As mentioned above, you want to make your readers feel comfortable on your blog so install plugins that will meet their needs. The most widespread one is the plugin that allows users to share your post on various social media platforms. They are very easy to install, but the importance of them for readers is tremendous. You should also check out other available plugins to find something suitable for your blog.

Fill in

Once you have the structure of your blog, finish it with creating such links as About Us, Contact Us, Archive to let readers navigate freely around your blog and have a chance to contact you if they have a need. Even if you have a personal logo designed only for your blog, throw in a picture of yourself in the sidebar or the About Us page. Readers always like to feel connected to a real person behind the screen.

Once your blog is ready, it’s about time for the actual blogging. Provided you have something new to say, it shouldn’t be a challenge.


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