Preparing to Write Your Critique Essay

Criticizing does not mean attaching negative labels. A well-written critique essay encompasses a thorough analysis of a certain topic. You should express both agreement and disagreement with the subject, not letting your opinion be visible.

Let us imagine you already received a critique essay task. Of course, the first question you ask yourself is “Where should I start?” We are happy to give you several helpful hints.

Cultivate Critical Thinking

You cannot write a good critical essay if you have no idea what critical thinking entails. The cornerstone is being able to evaluate objective reality. This task is quite difficult since your opinion is usually subjective, but you have to learn to perceive things without bias. An initial perception is always misleading. You should contemplate the subject asking such questions:

  • What purpose does it have?
  • How does it influence the world we live in?
  • What others think about it?
  • Can it change something crucially?
  • What is fascinating/ repelling about it?

It is effective to make the most of your time analyzing things around you, whether you are at the café, the library, or the airport. Your mind should be open to imagine even unusual things, but at the same time, you should remain realistic.

 Adhere to the Required Writing Style

It is important to define whether your critique should be formal or informal. If you write an academic paper, such formats as APA, MLA, or Harvard may be used, and your tone should be serious. If your task is to create a captivating essay for a hip magazine, you are free to be more inventive, adding some punch lines and even expressing your personal style.

Write a Thesis Statement

Focus on a strong thesis statement since it is the key to understanding the theme. It is easier to do so by brainstorming and writing down essential ideas which will compel your target audience.

Make an Outline

A reader will be distracted and passive if your thoughts are incoherent. Writing an outline helps to develop a consistent structure of your paper. Outlining creates the connection between your ideas, making them understandable. It becomes easier to observe if the thesis statement reflects the main thoughts. Also, such arrangement of perspectives will help you write a decent conclusion.

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 Use Subheadings

Subheadings separate one section of your paper from another, saving readers from the torture of reading the stream of consciousness writing. Using subheadings, you give them a chance not only to comprehend each crucial point but also to read it with enthusiasm. Moreover, it helps to maintain your train of thought.

Writing a critical essay (whether analyzing a book or a movie) requires an insightful investigation of the topic and explanation of its pros and cons. An immediate failure lies in expressing subjective opinions that show your strong preference or disaffection.

Keep your tears at home while reading a heart-wrenching novel. Keep your mind clear and become a first-class critic!


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