Top 10 Tips to Get Ready for the College Exam

Even when you think that you’re in the best shape to prepare for the exams, procrastination comes to you and takes its toll. That’s an old story, and we’ve all been through it. Sometimes, to sit and to start studying for the upcoming exam seems like the most difficult thing to do, but you should never think that it is impossible. Read our top ten tips on getting ready for the college exam and don’t leave procrastination a chance!

Don’t Panic!

First things first – calm down, because panic will only make it worse. Remember the lines from Bobby Mcferrin most favorite song “Don't worry be happy”? It goes as follows, “In your life expect some trouble, if you worry it will double.” That’s it! Panic reduces your concentration and planning abilities. Relax, take some deep breaths and reassure yourself that you can handle anything.


Good planning is one of the secrets of success in almost anything. Understand what you need to learn, how much time you need to learn it and then see if your goals are realistic. Assign time for each topic and don’t forget to include sleep in your plans. If you won’t get enough sleep, your ability to concentrate and memorize will greatly decrease.


Usually, during the lectures, professors mention what questions will be on the exam. So, if you take notes and write these questions down, it will save your time and make your exam preparations much easier.

Don’t Just Read

You can’t memorize information just by reading it. While reading, highlight all important points and sentences. This strategy will help you remember more.

Use Flash Cards

If you’ve heard about it but haven’t tried it before, it’s about time to try! Flash cards are an outstanding way to study faster, because they work in two ways – you learn faster while you write down the info, and when you’re testing yourself, your knowledge and memories get reinforced.

Use the Internet

The Internet is overflowing with outstanding resources that can help you improve your academic process. Such resources as YouTube and TedTalk have plenty of brilliant up-to-date information that you probably won’t find elsewhere.

Don’t Over-Study

Not only too little study is bad for your studies. Paradoxically, too much study is also bad, because studying in short stretches of time is much more effective than sitting 6 hours without a break. Mix up relaxation and studying.

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Get Sleep

Even if you feel that you haven’t finished yet, go to sleep. Sleep is necessary to consolidate your memory of information. Better go to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier and study in the morning.

After the Exam

After the exam, you can rethink how well you did the test. If you feel that you haven’t done a good job with your exam, just talk to your professor to find out if there is some other work that you can do to help you increase your grade.

Remember Your Goal

Always remember that you study for the purpose and all your efforts are dedicated to reaching this purpose.

Good luck with your studies!


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