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  • +I cannot submit the form for ordering my assignment. The page fails to update.

    You should not attach any big files to the form. We have certain restrictions on the size of the files and thus, it is impossible to submit the order form in the following case.

    Consider that you can always send the files needed to our company by means of Live Chat Support or email.

  • +I have indicated the incorrect academic level, urgency, type of academic task, number of words. Can I change the order details?

    It is impossible that you can edit your order details yourself after you have submitted the order form. However, our agents can do this for you.

    The price for your order will be recalculated in accordance with the new instructions or requirements indicated and you should pay the difference in the price to get the new changes valid.

  • +How is it possible for me to add extra pages to my paper?

    You may add extra pages by placing an additional order to the previously ordered one. The "additional order" option is available in the "My orders" section in your personal account.

  • +How is it possible to find out that the expert has been assigned to my order?

    Once the order has been assigned to our expert, her or his ID can be viewed in your order details.

  • +Could I have a draft of my work provided?

    Yes, definitely, you may order a 1-page draft service for your paper. It is always available after 50% of the deadline set. This is a paid option.

  • +How is it possible to have a revision of my work ordered?

    You may ask for free revisions within your free revision period (depending on the type of the order. The period for free revision ranges from 48 hours to 30 days).

    In order to send your revision requests directly to your experts, go to the “My orders” section, then "Completed orders", select the order required and tick the "Request revision" option.

    Provide all your revision comments and set the deadline for it.

  • +How may I change my phone number, email, or personal info?

    You are capable of changing your personal information in the Profile tab.

    You should login to your account and refer to your Profile and choose the "Edit Profile" option. Then, you should save all the updates and click on the "Save all changes" option.

  • +How long can it take to find and assign one of the most sophisticated experts?

    Our agents always do our best so as to find the most professional expert within the shortest time-frame possible. The following process can take from several minutes to a few hours.

    Sometimes, it may take longer than expected depending on the availability of our professionals, complexity of the paper, the urgency selected, the topic of the work, etc.

  • +I need an urgent revision to be made but the free revision period has been over and my revision request is marked as the late one. What may be done in this case?

    In case of the late revision request, you should place a new order. Select “Revision” as one of the assignment types.

  • +How is it possible to communicate with my writer?

    You may easily communicate with your expert assigned via our well-secured messaging system that you can find in your personal account on our site.

    If the issue is very urgent, it is always possible to contact our helpful and reliable Live Chat Support representatives.

  • +Where cany I find my work ready?

    You may always download your paper from your personal profile. Go to the "Orders" section in your personal account and choose the "Files" tab.

    Moreover, once the order has been complete, you will get an email with a direct link to your work.

  • +Can you assist me in passing my test or exam?

    Our company offers professional assistance in passing tests and exams online. The “Online test” service is to be used whenever you place your order with us. You should indicate all possible instructions concerning your test or exam and provide all the files, books, lectures, materials, etc., so that the writer assigned could get ready for it. Moreover, in description, ensure to mention the time, date, duration of the test, time zone, subject, etc. Do not forget to indicate the login and password details.

  • +Are your experts capable of doing my coding task?

    Our company provides only academic writing services. It is worth stressing that the assignments related to programming, coding, decoding, or applications development or improvements are not to be processed by our professionals.

  • +How are notifications provided?

    Automatic emails are sent to you regarding any changes or actions that occur in your personal account. Moreover, you may get the updates by means of SMSs, messages in the messaging system, or phone.

  • +How can I find out that my order has been assigned to your expert?

    Such details are available in your personal account. The "Payment Verification" status means that the payment failed to go through (in such a case, click the "Pay now" option to proceed with your payment or you may send our agents the receipt confirming your payment).

    The "Processing" status means that the order has successfully been assigned to our expert and he or she has confirmed working on it.

    In case there is the "Sent or Completed" status,you can check the ready paper.

  • +When can I have my order done?

    The order is always delivered in accordance with the deadline indicated by you. The countdown starts when the order has been placed and then verified. Whenever choosing the urgency of the order, note that the work will be delivered precisely to the deadline selected (i.e. if the order deadline is 3 days, it will literally be delivered in 72 hours after it has been verified)

  • +I experienced some problems with placing my order. What and why does this happen?

    If the website does not allow to place the order; although, all the fields required are filled in, check whether there are any files attached to this form. In case, they are attached, remove these and email our experts all the attachments needed mentioning your order ID in the email. Our agents will add these files to your order.

  • +Where will my work be uploaded?

    The completed work will be uploaded to your personal account, the "Files" section, after the deadline has been expired.

  • +I have problems with paying for my work ordered. What should be performed by me in this case?

    Our company does not work with payments directly. Therefore, in case you have any payment problems, you should try another debit or credit card or another method of payment. Moreover, you can pay for your order using another device or browser.

  • +Does your company send the papers earlier in case your experts have completed them before the deadlines set have been over?

    Our company works according to the set deadlines. The urgency that you select affects the order price and, as a consequence, the salary amount our Writers as well as Editors obtain for their work. Thus, we cannot request our experts to send the orders before the deadlines are over without any compensation for the change of the initial deadlines set.

  • +Does your company send the works via the email once they have been composed?

    The papers are always attached to the orders in the personal account once the deadlines are over. Moreover, your will get an email from our agents with the direct links following which it is possible to download the orders completed.

  • +Is it necessary to pay for the Writer preferred if I have selected the supreme level of academic writing for my paper?

    The supreme level of academic writing is aimed at guaranteeing that your order will urgently be assigned to our advanced top-rated 30 experts who are the best professionals in your field of science. Furthermore, you will be provided with a scrupulous plagiarism report made on your paper. In case you want to deal with a certain preferred expert that has already composed some papers for you and satisfies your expectations, you may place your other orders with the “Preferred Writer” service and select the premium academic writing service. Our Writing Department will ensure to assign your order to the expert preferred as quickly as possible and a detailed plagiarism report will be sent to your personal account.

  • +Can I avoid indicating my personal info. Why should I to do this?

    It is not necessary to share, for instance, your personal phone number with our company. However, it may influence the processes of writing and cooperation, as well as increase the effectiveness of our communication whenever urgent explanations are needed by you or our experts.

  • +Are all aspects of our cooperation kept private? May my personal information be shared with any third parties?

    No, our company has a strict Privacy Policy. We take all responsibilities for keeping all the information private, as well as secured for both customers and our experts. To avoid any kind of disclosing any of privacy issues, our company has implemented the rules that our experts are unaware of any customers’ personal information, such name, gender, phone number, etc.

  • +Does you company provide only One Revision during the period for free revisions?

    No, our company is always ready to revise your work as many times as needed during the free revision period.

  • +How is it guaranteed that my paper composed by your expert is plagiarism-free?

    We always deliver the premium-class quality and non-plagiarized pieces of writing. Each work goes through our advanced plagiarism-detecting software before it is delivered to your personal account.

  • +Who will work on my order?

    All orders are composed by our highly qualified and experienced professionals competent in specific fields of academic study.

  • +How can I be sure the paper has been edited, proofread or formatted?

    Our company offers additional VIP services. One of such services is "Get an order edited or proofread by the editor." All you should do is to click on the VIP service option that will immediately be included in the order price. After you have paid for the service ordered, your work will be edited and proofread by one of our editors after our expert writer has completed it.

  • +How is it possible to find out if the specialist has started working on my task?

    You can manually check your order status from your person account. After the payment has gone through and was confirmed by our financial department, the order status is always changed into "New Order." Once the expert has been assigned to your order, the status is marked as "Processing." After the paper has been uploaded into the system, the status is marked as "Sent."

    You can also order our unique VIP service referred to as SMS notifications of the status of your order. It means that you receive a text message every time the status of your order has been changed.

  • +The wrong deadline has been set. Is it possible to have the deadline cut?

    The deadline may be changed after you have compensated for the difference between the initial and new deadline. You can ask our support agents to calculate the compensation and cut the deadline. Note that the compensation order covering the price difference will be placed and you will be sent the link to make a payment. As soon as it is made, the new deadline will be applied.

  • +How can I order my work from the same professional who worked on my previous orders (I liked her or his style of writing and got an A mark for that task. Now, I want this very professional to do my other tasks on my course)

    Well, you should choose the Preferred Writer's option and indicate the writer’s ID. You can always check on the writer’s ID from your previous orders) and then simply click "Add." Then your order will immediately be assigned to your preferred expert. Take into account that if your order is composed by the Preferred Writer, then you will be charged extra +15%. Such additional payment directly goes to your expert. It ensures the highest priority of your assignments among the other ones.

  • +What are your academic writing service and experts responsible for?

    After you have placed your order, our company starts to search for the most experienced and qualified professional and provide round-the-clock support and help. Our agents always update you about each step of the process of ordering, editing, plagiarism checking, etc. We guarantee timely delivery of each order provided by our experts.

  • +Will you be capable of assisting me with my very complicated work?

    Our academic writing company has experts in every type of academic writing ranging from the High School to Ph.D. level. It is always possible to send our experts your requirements in advance and we will always check whether we have the most suitable specialist for your task.

  • +Why have I failed to pay for the paper ordered?

    If you have the "payment or authorization/failed" error evident, try other web browsers, devices, or payments processing card or company or directly get in contact with your payment processing company.

  • +I click the "proceed" option and the order form keeps loading again or simply stays grey.

    If any files have been attached to the order form, maybe, their format or size is not supported. Consider submitting the order without any files attached, and redirect them to our Live Chat, email, or upload to your personal account.

  • +I am still requested to pay even though the payment has already been conducted.

    Please check your e-mail for the received receipt an send it to our company. The Spam/Trash folders are to be checked as well. If no receipt has been delivered, check the bank statement to ensure that the charge was made in the first place. The screenshot of the bank statement can be forwarded to us so that the members of our Financial Department could trace the financial transaction. If neither a receipt nor the charge on the bank statement is available – your financial transaction was not conducted. Please try another device/browser/card/payment processing organization.

  • +May I first check whether your experts are capable of completing my task, and then commence placing my order at your site?

    Sure. You can always visit our Live Chat or send an email to: It is necessary to provide our attentive Support Team agents with your task requirements and they will check all the instructions and details exceptionally for you only.

  • +Is it of great need to indicate my valid phone number or email?

    Our company strongly recommends our clients to provide valid personal contact details, such as phone number and email. As in case of any emergency or urgency when some details, instructions or materials are needed, our agents could get in touch with our customers as quickly as only possible.

  • +I have been notified that my paper will be refunded. Could you tell me how much time I should wait?

    The refund process usually takes from 3 to 5 business days. Moreover, this procedure depends on the work of your financial establishment.

  • +How may I contact my expert?

    According to our policy, you may send a message to your professional via your personal account. In case you are incapable of to logging into it, you can always send our agents an email with your clear clarifications or extra files, as well as other materials. Our support representatives always inform the expert concerning your message as quickly as possible.

  • +Where can I find my final piece of writing ready?

    The final work is always uploaded in your personal account. Refer to:

    "My Orders", then "Completed Orders", and Click on the ID of your order – the final work will be in the section entitled "Files."

    In case you cannot find it easily, kindly get in contact with our customer support agents, they will gladly help you in doing this.

  • +When will I obtain my final work?

    The final writing projects are provided in accordance with the specified deadlines which can be checked in the following way:

    My orders – Processing orders – Click the ID of your task – section Delivery (it specifies when exactly you will be delivered your assignment).

  • +Can your expert buy the book or article needed?

    According to our clear and strict policy, the customer must provide all the materials required for her or his order, as they are unavailable on the Internet.

  • +I tried to make my order at your site a few times but I could not. What to do?

    Please, refresh the page and check whether no large files are attached to the form. In case of any attachments, delete them and send them to or our Live Chat.

  • +What type of academic task should I select in case I fail to find the one needed on your list provided?

    You can always send some instructions to our experts via email or LifeChat. Our agents will suggest the type of academic task that will suit your instructions or requirements.

  • +Does you service guarantee only plagiarism-free works?

    Our company guarantees uniqueness of the final projects, and all tasks are scrupulously checked by our professional editors. Each work is always assigned to the most qualified expert, who composes your work from scratch.

    Therefore, consider that each paper completed at our academic wiring company always goes through all the plagiarism checks. Additionally, our customers can check their works by our plagiarism checker known as PlagiarismSearch upon the delivery of their papers. Our company does not apply Turnitin since it automatically saves all the tasks previously checked, and hence the same task cannot be checked twice.

  • +Is your company confidential and reliable?

    Our online academic writing company is 100% confidential. We guarantee that no one will ever find out that you utilized our academic writing services, as our company does not disclose any information related to your identity to the third parties.

  • +Will my order be ready as requested?

    Yes, since our company fully guarantees timely delivery of all works ordered at our site. While placing the order, you should choose the most suitable deadline and our experts will prepare it within the timeframe set.

  • +Is the price be negotiated at your service?

    The prices at our company are fixed and stable. However, you can always refer to our professional LifeChat agents and discuss your request in terms of the price of your order. In addition, our company has a flexible discounts program for our customers.

  • +My online test is to last for an hour. Is it possible to select such a service?

    It is possible in case there are a suitable and available professional to start your online test. In order to clarify the availability of our expert, contact our live chat Customer support professionals prior to placing your order.

  • +How can I request and receive a refund in the form of the bonus credits? How may I apply these credits in the future?

    Please, inform our Customer support agents (via phone or LifeChat) or our Financial Department (by means of email: about your final decision taken. Bonus credits are always assigned to the personal account after the refund request has been assessed and then approved. After the bonus has been credited, you are informed about possible options to apply it for the payment at the end of the process of the order placement. Take into account, bonus credits are assigned to your personal account upon the approval of your refund request.

  • +When is it possible to get my paper ready and how may I obtain it?

    Whenever you place your order at our site, you should always choose the deadline. Our experts stick to the set deadline that you have paid for. For instance, if you choose 48 hours, it implies you will get your work in 48 hours. Once the work is ready, it is always uploaded to your personal account. In addition, you will get an email notification concerning this thing. As soon as you receive such a notification, you can freely log in to your personal account and download the final project.

  • +What type of service or task should I select?

    To better realize what exactly you are in need of, contact our supportive Live Chat agents or send them an email with your requirements before you place your order. We will thoroughly analyze all the instructions provided by you and guide you in the best way possible. We will inform you about the type of services or task to be selected.

  • +How can I be aware that I will obtain a superb-quality work and do you guarantee any marks?

    Although our company never promises any marks for evident reasons, the supreme quality of custom or academic writing is always guaranteed. Therefore, we would like to inform you that all our experts are either PhD or Master’s holders in various fields of science. As the result, our company is very proud of being in the writing industry for more than 20 years. You are also capable of checking our Samples page to have a look at sample papers of superb quality composed by our professionals.

  • +Is it possible to have my order completed before the deadline set?

    According to our strict delivery policy, each paper is to be delivered within the deadline indicated in the order form. However, when the work is to be composed earlier, it is necessary to place a compensation order to cover the difference in price. If you need to solve such an issue, refer to our Live Chat agents and they will count the compensation price and assist in placing your compensation order.

  • +Who will work on my paper ordered?

    We have the most sophisticated team of professionals in a wide scope of disciplines and academic writing experience. Furthermore, our Writing Department will assign the most suitable expert in accordance with your subject, topic, and requirements indicated by you.

  • +What are peculiar features of your policy on pricing calculation and formation?

    The cost of your order depends on a wide scope of various issues. The number of the words or pages required, deadline, academic level, and the other aspects impact the final price. In order to check the order price, go to the "Prices" section or visit our supportive Live Chat agents who will help in calculating the price of your order.

  • +How will I get the completed assignment?

    The completed assignments are delivered to you by means of the email. Furthermore, the paper can be downloaded from your personal account.

  • +I have already completed a few chapters of the paper, can you complete the whole paper for me, please?

    Yes, definitely. Our experts may help you in ending your work. In case there are any questions concerning the order placing process, refer to our Live Chat Support Team agents and they will help you in resolving all the problematic aspects.

  • +What is your working schedule?

    Our company is online 24/7/365 and capable of assisting you whenever there is a need or necessity.

  • +Do your experts work on urgent orders?

    Our experts have a huge experience in working on urgent tasks. We recommend that you should refer for the consultation to our Support Team agents before placing your urgent order to save up your time and efforts and have your work composed on time.

  • +I would like to order services of the specific writer from my previously composed orders. Is it possible to do this?

    On the pager on your previous orders in your personal account, you are capable of finding the ID of the expert who worked on it. Whenever filling in the form on your new order, in the ‘Preferred Writer’ section, specify the expert’s ID to assign the order to him/her.

  • +Can you revise the work if some extra corrections should be made?

    If the paper received by you failed to be composed following all the instructions provided by you when you ordered the paper, you may request a free revision within 48 hours from the moment it was delivered to you. Free revisions are always provided if the initial requirements indicated have not been changed during the process writing or after the paper has been completed. In case you introduce novel requirements and need the expert to add, fix, or revise any aspect in the work, the compensation order should be placed and paid for.

  • +Can your company guarantee high scores for the final projects?

    Our company does not guarantee marks since every professor or teacher judges differently and personally. But our agency guarantees the premium-class quality, errors and plagiarism-free papers, and free revisions upon request.

  • +Is it possible to check my work for Plagiarism with your service?

    Whenever you pay for the VIP option - "The Plagiarism check" - while placing your order on our website, you will get the possibility of getting any of your pieces of writing scanned for plagiarism free of extra charge within 1 year.

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