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Many students are afraid of using online essay writing services because they are worried about receiving plagiarized content. Handing in a plagiarized document can ruin a person’s academic career. Unfortunately, there are a number of less-than-honest essay writing services on the Internet that do rewrite old documents and then pass them off as unique custom essays written from scratch. No one wants to buy an essay just to find out it is full of plagiarism and realize that there is nothing they can do about it.

At, when you buy an essay or any other academic assignment, you can be sure it will be original. How are we able to do this? We run all academic assignments through sophisticated plagiarism detection software. This ensures that customers receive a completely unique piece of writing every single time. By the way, a client can order a plagiarism report at a small extra fee. We never send our customers the final products that are rife with instances of plagiarism. Everything is quoted or paraphrased and then cited in the footnotes. So, if you want to be confident in the originality of your writing project, place your order at our site.


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What Are the most Common Instances of Plagiarism?

One should realize that plagiarizing is not only about copy-pasting the writing projects produced by others. There are different instances of plagiarism, which you need to be aware not to fail your assignments and the courses you are taking in general. So, have a look at the following blocks of information:


Sounds ridiculous? Let us explain the case in detail. It goes about using the data from your previous works in the current ones. You can’t do it without proper citations. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism.

Mosaic Copy-Pasting

Here, it goes about a loose rearrangement of the paper created by someone else without giving a credit to the author. Whether it occurs accidentally or not, it still has negative impact on one’s reputation. Mosaic copy-pasting can turn to be original content, so it’s hard to identify.

Patchwork Plagiarizing

This is the method of putting together some pieces of information from different sources, i.e. already existing projects, with the purpose of creating new work. Producing a new text in this way involves some slight paraphrasing.

Unintentional Plagiarism

This kind of copy-pasting is intrinsic to students who have just started their college studies and don’t know how to cite different sources appropriately. Though it’s done accidentally, it’s still unacceptable in the academic area and has to be avoided.

No matter the kind of plagiarism detected throughout your document, you should fix it since the consequences it leads to can be disastrous. If you are unable to produce original content or don’t have a clue about what the most accurate plagiarism detection tool is, consider delegating your assignments to us. Cooperating with our team, you will no longer need to worry about the quality of your papers.

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Highlighting the Essence of a Plagiarism Checker

It’s clear that everyone knows what plagiarism checkers are and what they are used for. However, not everyone is aware of their mode of work. So, plagiarism checkers are computer applications based on specific algorithms designed to identify plagiarized material. Usually, a plagiarism detector checks the input texts against a large number of different sources, the web ones, to determine possible instances of plagiarism. Some checkers also scan online bases of published works, what is particularly useful for an academic setting. The most reliable plagiarism checkers can also detect the content generated by AI - the feature that is also very useful for students. The so-called multiple-language check is also embedded in some scanners.

To sum up, plagiarism checkers are great tools that can help everyone involved in content writing avoid problems and unpleasant consequences. If you are looking for a great plagiarism checker, contact us.  At, we not only provide custom essays that are completely written from scratch by our professional writers but also check them by the best plagiarism checker!

Who Uses a Plagiarism Detection Tool?

It’s necessary to say that the tools developed to identify copied content are mostly used in the academic area. Colleges and universities as well as secondary education establishments use plagiarism detection programs to ensure the uniqueness of students’ papers. However, this is not the only area where such tools are of great help. Everyone who is supposed to produce some kind of content should use a good plagiarism detector to make certain that the produced content is unique. Here, we are talking about:

  • Content writers
  • SEO specialists
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers, etc.

It’s understandable that writing original content can be challenging for each of the mentioned categories of people. So, why struggle on one’s own if it’s possible to hire qualified writers who can create original content on any topic? Our team is always ready to help. We specialize in not only academic writing but also non-academic one as well. So, whenever expert assistance is needed, we are at your service.

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Major Features of the Best Plagiarism Checker

You must have guessed that we are going to talk about our plagiarism checker. It has already been mentioned that each completed assignment goes through a thorough scanning process before being delivered to a customer. Now, we’d like to describe our detector so that you could be absolutely sure about its reliability. So, our plagiarism checker:

  • detects plagiarism in different kinds of texts;
  • provides an accurate percentage of copy-pasted material;
  • allows copying and pasting the text for scanning;
  • allows uploading the files that have to be checked;
  • detects the content produced by AI.

Our scanner is based on sophisticated algorithms that let it identify plagiarized material of any type. Therefore, if you desire to deal with the agency that will certainly test the originality of your works, get in touch with us at

Our Plagiarism Checker Can Be Trusted

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our services. That is why we make certain that all tools we use run like clockwork. As to our plagiarism checker, we ensure it works efficiently. Apart from the features described above, there are also other peculiarities you should be aware of. So, using our services that include a plagiarism check, you shouldn’t worry about such aspects as:

  • Confidentiality

The papers scanned by our detector are protected from any kind of fraudulent activity owing to our safety protocols and algorithms.

  • Detailed Plagiarism Report

Our plagiarism checker can generate a detailed report on copy-pasted material in the PDF format. This is an additional option that can be ordered at a very attractive fee.

  • Readability Check

Our scanner has a great embedded option that allows one to determine the readability score of the tested paper.

  • Accurate Scanning Results

Once the checking process is over, we can see the sources where information was copied from if any, of course. It lets us introduce the needed changes to improve the quality of the final product.

  • Quick Scanning

We understand that time is a very valuable asset which depends a lot on. That’s why we’ve made the checking process as quick as possible. It takes only a few minutes to get the document checked by our plagiarism detector.


Without a doubt we use the most accurate plagiarism detector that helps us make certain that the papers produced by our writers are authentic. We constantly improve the algorithms which our plagiarism checker is based on to be certain that it goes like clockwork. So, whenever you order papers from us, have no doubts that each piece will be unique.

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Only Original Content for Our Customers

Considering high professors’ demands, stringent academic requirements, and considerable academic pressure, it is sometimes hard for students to handle their assignments in the right manner. There are some cases, when students are unable to create unique papers based on fresh and exclusive ideas. However, submitting plagiarized papers equals academic failure. We know that not a single student wants to fail their assignments since a lot of work and effort is required to redo the assigned tasks, not talking about the time, which students are always short of. “So, what to do?” - you may be wondering. The solution to the described problem exists and this is our service.

At, you will be provided with nothing but impeccable services. Our experts create original pieces of writing only. Do you want to know how we manage to produce exclusive written material?

  • First, we study the directions and comments provided by our customers as to how the placed order has to be completed.
  • Second, we research the assigned topics thoroughly browsing different sources of information, the credible ones, of course.
  • Third, our writers start compiling the gathered material after making its detailed analysis.
  • Fourth, once a writer is done with the final paper, it is then checked for plagiarism to ensure it is completely original and written from scratch!

This is how we work on customers’ writing projects. Our chief purpose is to help our clients go through the academic years with ease.  That’s why we work diligently on each assignment. We do not believe in recycling or reselling old academic assignments written for previous customers. All our clients receive exclusive content prepared specifically for each of them. Our writers always meet high standards of quality, which means that we do not tolerate plagiarism. Remember that we provide nothing but original academic papers and we are not going to change our direction! Therefore, if you are searching for a reputable company to order papers from, is the website to access.

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