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At, we have assembled a highly professional team of experienced, qualified writers. All writers at our online custom writing service are graduates from universities holding degrees in varying fields of study. All of them have amazing academic track records. Our writers provide a variety of writing service options, including custom essays, term papers, research papers, and so on in over 90 different topics, including but not limited to, anthropology, psychology, ecology, technology, science, religion, politics, history, literature, sociology, philosophy, law, medicine, economics, management, and marketing.

Whether you need to buy custom essays, buy term papers, or buy research papers, our writers will meet all your requirements and follow all your guidelines. Furthermore, in our team at, we have professional editors who are good at editing any types of writing projects. Lastly, our writers utilize the best anti-plagiarism software available to ensure that all custom essays and other academic papers are original and written from scratch.

If you still need a little push before you buy term papers or buy research papers or any other academic assignment, read over this interview we did with one of our writers.

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I decided to become a writer many years ago when I got my degree in English.

Interviewer: How long have you been a professional writer at

Michael: I have been providing my writing services to since it was established.

I: Why did you make writing your professional career?

M: After I completed my English degree, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I also received a degree in mass communication as well. I am able to put both to good use and I really enjoy what I do.

I: What are some of the qualities that you think make a good writer?

M: I think that a good writer needs to be precise, punctual, and always pay attention to the guidelines and all details. A good writer must be able to do effective research and know how to compile a good paper.

I: In the past, you have provided your services to other custom writing websites. What makes different from the others you have worked with in the past?

M: I have the ability to say “no” to work doing which I am not comfortable about, thereby, knowing it will go to the writer that has a bit more experience. Furthermore, I am only given tasks that fit my specialization. The same is with all the other writers. We do not get the work that does not fit what we, ourselves, studied at university.

I: Why do you want to be a writer instead of, let us say a teacher?

M: I was a teacher at one point but truly decided that writing was my passion. What I do now gives me an opportunity to combine my professional job with a personal hobby that I enjoy.

I: Is it hard to produce custom writing pieces?

M: I am someone who enjoys everything about the process of writing. I like being in control so I know that the final product is going to be perfect and accurate. While preparing custom writing pieces is not easy, it is rewarding, especially when customers email you back and say they got a top grade on their academic assignment. You know you helped with that and no matter how difficult the task was, that makes up for it.

I: What are the secrets of being a good writer?

M: Familiarity with the topic, the ability to do inclusive research to obtain all necessary information, and the ability to put it altogether into one cohesive paper.

I: And finally, do you believe that by purchasing custom essays online, students begin to lose knowledge of the topic and writing?

M: No, of course not. I believe what we do aids in obtaining more knowledge as well as a deeper understanding of whatever topic is assigned. What we do also provides customers with ample time to complete other assignments and study for exams.

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