Burke’s Dramatism and the Pentad Analysis Tools

Dramatism can be witnessed and experienced in a variety of contextual scenarios that tend to conflict with the type of message portrayed across the scene. In the literal sense, it becomes imperative that the type of messages communicated interlink with the surrounding environment. Connecting the message and surrounding environment allows achievement of a maximum form of delivery that can be treated by some as historic or others as memorable as it initiates the whole uproar of conflict. Scene, therefore, plays an important role in the delivery of content (Larson, 2012). Some of various scenes include a soccer field, a battleground, a website page, Dr. Phil’s Television Show, BET, and Oscar’s award show. Such scenes provide a platform, upon which the majority of individuals look as on the perfect center stage to communicate to the world what they have in their hearts. For instance, movies have adjusted to a setting of darkness and solitude when the director wants to display some of their threatening scenes. In addition, graves are applicable if the director wants to achieve a horror effects, the seas and the forests, if he is looking for adventure. It is from specific settings that people pick issues from, based on the conflict pertaining to surrounding. For instance, The Oscars are usually awarded to white artists, directors, and other people involved in film-making industry. It becomes outrageous for an African American like Denzel Washington to receive the prize as the  Best Actor in a Leading Role. What can even twist the scenario if he is called to the podium or dais to give a brief speech in a hall full of white and native celebrities to say, “Thank you all the black people who voted for me. I have reached this far because of your support. Let us not be wrapped by the consequence and direct experiences of racism. The whites do not know we have a black president”.

Such an utterance can be quite memorable since the context was in a setting that was contrary to the one that would have cheered him out. What can be interesting about this whole event is if the whites in attendance do not feel shame and anger of being called racists and instead go ahead to applause the actor and even vow to help in the fight against racism. Many may analyze the situation from different perspectives. One may look at it as an abuse of the event that strictly intended to honor the whites’ cultural diversions and talents. Others may look at it as a direct way of racism spanned at the heart of white population. The majority of population (Larson, 2012) usually may not take remarks and boast about having a lack of president positively.

Apart from having a center stage or a scene, another important and vital component is the actions that accompany the person who is present at the scene. A convincing dialogue will depend on the nature of the scene. For instance, why should a person preach or propel an anti-racism message in the multitude full of an opposite conflicting grace? Why are social functions used as a channel in propagating messages? Persuasive contexts bring defense between an act and a scene in every type of persuasive context. However, there should be a link between a specific kind of act and the scene (Larson, 2012).

Moreover, among the other tools used for the analysis of Dramatism scenario are the agents who are present at the scene. Burke defines agents as people or a group, which take various actions while at the scene of incidence.  The agents may also affect the persuasive meanings, when the whole situation appears as a way of linking their actions with the scene of operations. For instance, if in a church setting a humble beggar strolls in and takes everyone hostage while killing one member at a time. Such a situation would have a different message if a member of a rival denomination streamed into the church and did the same acts (Larson, 2012).

Agency is also another fundamental tool since it analyses the means, through which the persuaders used to accomplish their particular ends. In various historical works, such as Hamlet, a play by Shakespeare, a play within a play is used by the prince to portray the guilt that was possessed by the uncle. Majority of fast food restaurants and hotels use burners that have the drawings of some of the most amazing delicacies like fried chicken or fish fillet to draw their customers to these outlets to dine. Communication strategies can also be marked as a proper use of agency when various factors are laid to light. For instance, the reference to humble beginnings by a politician could be a way of soliciting for votes for election into a public office (Larson, 2012).

Purpose is the final tool that defines the reason behind various agents’ act or behavior in a definite manner. An agent is equality tough as the intent or purpose. For instance, the black man during the Oscar awarding seeks to end racism but has to master courage for him to lay the message straight and bare without alterations (Larson, 2012).

With the proper selection of all these fundamentals, messages and actions can rightly be channeled and positive effects experienced. The factors remain influential in developing a persuasive strategy in the majority of interpersonal relationships. Direct focus on the act can also be a step towards improving the context of the message and its intent.

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