Persuasion in Entrepreneurial Contexts

The given essay will consider the advertisement “Dreams” made by the Turkish Airlines Company. Children play airport, they build the model of a runway for the real airliner to land. The motto of the commercial is “If there’s a single place in Turkey we don’t fly to, then what is the good of the rest of the world?” The commercial is rather touching as it gives hope to all people viewing it saying that everything is possible if you believe. Owning to this advertisement, the Turkish Airlines Company was awarded with “Best Airline in Europe” reward initiated by the Skytrax ranking.

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All elements of the Burke’s dramatic pentad are represented in the advertisement. The first element is scene. The action takes place in Igdir – one of the cities in the Anatolian part of Turkey. The scene shows the rural area of the city with four small children playing airport. They have a dream to discover the world, and they have a big hope that their dreams can come true. The Turkish Airlines Company chose such a small city in Turkey in order to show Turkey from the best side of its traditions and national spirit. The scene does not include any celebrities. On the contrary, the developers of the commercial chose village children living a poor life in the countryside and doing everything for the plane of their dream to land on their backyard.

Act is the next element of the pentad used in the advertisement. The commercial is full of the movement of children. At the beginning of the movie, children sit and guess where the plane they see can go. After that, a wonderful idea comes to their minds to build a runway for the plane to land. They start to do it, and the action intensifies: they gather stones and put sand to make a line vivid and prepare everything for the plane to land. When they hear the plane’s voice, they stop waiting for the plane to land their runway.

However, the plane passes by without paying any attention to the children. Despite it, they do not lose hope for their dream come true. On the local wedding, one of the children sees the lamps and decides to take them for the illumination of the runway for the plane. Finally, children prepare everything for the plane to land at the runway built by them. When it is going, they turn the lamps on for a pilot to see the runway. The plane starts to land not far away from the runway prepared by the children; they run and understand that their dream came true. The act of the advertisement is full of actions and there is a balance between Scene and Act, and the Act perfectly fits into the Scene of the commercial.

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The Agent of the commercial is represented by four children – three boys and a girl – of about 7-8 years old. They are the main heroes of the advertisement as they make the things happen. They do not only “fit” into the action and scene of the commercial but harmonically coexist in the movie. There is a balanced match of Agents with Acts and Scene.

Agency is the next step in the Burke’s pentad. The Turkish Airline Company uses different methods and tools for their commercials to make a strong impression on the viewers and to make it memorable for a long time. Unlike the previous commercial of the Turkish Airlines Company with the usage of the celebrities Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant, the given advertisement uses the usual village children – non-actors. Moreover, the company promotes the national character and spirit of Turkey. It shows the wonderful landscapes of the Ararat Mountain and the Turkish countryside. The purpose of the commercial is concentrated in its slogan – the main meaning of the movie – “If there’s a single place in Turkey we don’t fly to, then what is the good of rest of the world?”

Thus, it is possible to say that such parts of the pentad as Scene and Act are emphasized in the commercial of the Turkish Airlines Company. Moreover, there is a balanced ratio of scene and act in the advertisement. It creates the consonants of all the parts of the advertisement and produces a persuasive effect on the viewer.

However, it is possible to redesign the message of the advertisement and put emphasis not on the Scene-Act ratio but on the Scene-Purpose ratio. In this case, the advertisement could not include the children and their actions resulting in the motto and the main idea of the commercial, but only scene – the remote city of village somewhere in the Turkish province and the purpose revealed through the repetition of the motto. In this case, the goals of both messages would remain the same: both of them would promote the services of the Turkish Airlines Company.

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The Scene-Purpose ratio can be as effective as the Scene-Act one as it emphasizes the meaning of the place and the main idea why this place was chosen. The children chosen as the agents in the initial advertisement play a secondary role: they make the message of the advertisement more touching and sincere, close to usual people.

Thus, it is possible to make conclusion that all events aimed at the persuasion include the Burker’s Pentad consisting of five main elements such as Scene, Act, Agent, Agency and Purpose. The given essay gave the example of the video, the commercial of the Turkish Airlines Company called “Dreams”. Owning to the balanced ratio of all the elements of the pentad, the advertisement had a great positive impact on the viewers and promoted the customer’s activity and the company’s profit.

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