Breathing Lessons: Mark O’Brien’s Story

The documentary about Mark O’Brien contains several concepts that relate to the nursing care accorded to Mark. These concepts include:

1. The concept of communication.

2. The concept of relationship between the nurses and Mark.

3. The concept of willingness from the nurse’s side.

4. The concept of environment.

5. The concept of patients’ rights.

6. The concept of care and concern.

7. The concept of physical disparity.

8. The concept of love.

Among the above-mentioned concepts, the most related ones are the concept of communication, the concept of environment and the concept of relationship.  The concept of communication refers to the process of information exchange between nurses and patients and similarly among nurses. Communication plays a very important role in caring for a patient, for example, good communication leads to an improvement of a patient’s response to a given care. According to Kurtz (2012), communication is a building block for high quality care. Research shows that patients feel appreciated when the staff treats them in a friendly and comforting manner. In addition, communication between the caregivers and their patients should not be immensely serious as this will make the patients think that there is a very serious problem. Instead, communication should include jokes and chats to create a stress-free environment.

The concept of environment refers to the surroundings of the patients. It refers to where they sleep, where they take their meals, where they spend their free time and the people around them. The concept also plays a very important role in the provision of good care to patients. According to Kurtz (2012), the environment around the patients should be attractive, peaceful and intimate. The reason is that such environment provides comfort and serenity which have a positive influence on the patients’ conditions. Research also shows that some patients love particular smell, for instance, the smell of lavender and roses among others, so such patients should have their rooms sprayed with such perfumes so as to enhance their comfort. For a patient like Mark, an environment that has appreciative people can be of good value. The documentary shows that he longs for true friendship and love.

The concept of relationship explains how people relate among themselves. In the context of nursing care, it refers to the type of relationship that subsists between the care providers and their patients. Evidence from previous care systems show that the establishment of a good relationship between the caregivers and their clients makes it easier for their patients to trust them and cooperate.  In addition, a good relationship enables a patient to be free with the nurse and reveal issues affecting their life. Consequently, this can only lead to the implementation of appropriate interventions based on client’s desires with regard to some details.

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Concept Analysis

Communication Concept

The precursors of the concept of communication are the need to change the way communication takes place and the need to obtain high-quality care. The attributes of the concept include a two-way communication mode, free communication and self-assessment. The outcome of the concept is healthy and comforting communication between the care providers and patients. As a result, healthy communication will trigger a quality care plan aimed at gaining patients’ satisfaction (Freckelton, 2013).

Environmental Concept

The precursors of the concept are the nature of the existing environment and the necessity to form a new environment. The attributes or characteristics of this concept include the appearance of the surroundings, the type of food, the nature of the people around, and the bathing water for patients among others. The outcomes will be a comfortable environment to live in and one which provides peace of mind for the patients so that the only thing they will have to think about is the pain due to the illness (O'Brien, 2001).

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Relationship Concept

The precursors of the concept of relationship are the kind of relationship that existed prior to the change, the effects of such relationship on both the care provider and the client and the need to change. The attributes include the time spent by the caregiver and the patient, the manner in which patients are treated, and the level of trust and openness. The outcome of the concept is improved health care, which consist of trust, care and love so that the patients feel loved and appreciated by the people caring for them (O'Brien, 2001). 

Concepts as Building Blocks

Concepts are the building blocks of theories because they explain an idea, given phenomena or a problem in question. They also provide a description of how and under what kind of situations the problem occurs and demonstrate the relationship that exists between conditions or problems. In addition, concepts enable one to predict actions that will bring change of a given situation if implemented. For example, if it is the nursing theory of ethics, it is crucial to analyze concepts related to ethical nursing to create a theory that will explain the ethics in nursing.

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