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Claims to Environmental-Friendliness

It is evident that many manufacturers have engaged in unethical business while conducting marketing activities and selling products to consumers. Among the most common unscrupulous business practices are “the six sins of greenwashing”. Many manufacturers have promoted products with false claims with the aim of getting a large market share. This has made many customers lose trust in manufacturers hence reducing the market share and the financial incentive for green product innovation. The manufacturers engage in greenwashing sins through misleading customers to buy products that do not conform to environmental promise. The consequence of this leads to the creation of customers’ doubt and cynicism about all environmental claims. For instance, consumers who are focused on environmental preservation may feel frustrated and give up on manufacturers and marketers hence reducing the market share (TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc., n.d.).

The main diverging factor between consumers and manufacturers is that the last want to maximize profit at the expense of the first. The customers, in their turn, want to be satisfied by the available manufacturers’ products in terms of quality and environmental rules adherence. The manufacturers thus provide their consumers with misleading information. Such deceiving information includes product certification, chemical content of the products and ingredients composition among other statements. The manufacturers also claim that their products have met all environmental requirements while most of them have not. This creates tensions and lack of trust among consumers, who fear that their spending on products purchase is not put to good use (TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc., n.d.).

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As a marketing executive, I would pursue a policy against greenwashing due to important reasons. First, such policy would ensure manufacturers to produce the goods of high quality that conform to outlined ingredients and product certification. This would assure consumers of purchase of products that meet their needs and preferences. Secondly, following policy against greenwashing would create customers’ trusts in manufacturer’s products as it would protect the first against force advertisement of the last. As a result, consumers would trust manufacturers’ claims and information regarding products’ quality. Lastly, policy against greenwashing is essential because it would help manufacturers understand the impact of their products to the environment and government requirements on environmental issues.

Environmental Statutes

Relevant bodies have implemented many laws and regulations with the aim of conserving environment. For instance, clean water, clean air, clean soil can be achieved through environmental conservation. All the rules are crucial hence each manufacturer ought to adhere to such rules. However, based on my current employer’s situation, I find the Clean water act more significant and of greater importance than the others. In the past, I worked with Fin Company. This company had been discharging its industrial wastes in the river before the described incident happened. As a result, this has endangered the lives of aquatic creatures in the river. A number of endangered species inhabit it but due to the emissions, their number has drastically reduced. After this issue was addressed to the Fish and Wildlife service, the company has laid down the measures to amend the situation. Such measures included the purchase of waste treatment and recycling machines which have reduced the amount of wastes emitted into the river (Laws & Regulations, n.d.).

Despite reducing their number, the toxic substances in the waste have been neutralized eliminating the poisonous effect to aquatic animals. The employer has complied with this law through the construction of a waste treatment and recycling plant within the company premise. He has also started using biodegradable raw materials which create less toxic waste emissions. They are also advantageous as they provide fod to aquatic animals. Environmental regulations do not hinder business. The reason of that is that the business is reliant on the environment for raw material supply. Thus through the preservation of the environment, the business is preserving future (Laws & Regulations, n.d.).

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Public Relations

Public relations is an important aspect in marketing. The reason of this is the fact that the company’s reputation or the view of the public on it depends on the relationship between the company and the general public. Thus, open relationship acts as a trust restoration point between the business and the target audience. The role of public relations is to extending the credibility and impact of advertising. The company can enhance public relation through offering qualitative services and qualitative products, providing products to the public on time, and selling products to customers at affordable prices. Other ways of gaining public relations include sharing truthful information with the public, engaging in community development, and seeking inputs from the public (Wilson & Ogden, 2008). To this end, the central role of public relations is to maintain a good working relationship with the public.

A good example that demonstrates public relations in marketing is the marketing of mobile phones. In this case,  public relations is not like advertising and relies on the quality provided to the public, as high-quality mobile phones are likely to have a greater public favor than low-quality phones. For instance, Samsung Mobile Phone Company manufactures high-quality products of a good quality that makes it have better public relations compared to other companies. These phones have fantastic features, are easily accessible and available at convenient prices. All these factors satisfy customers and build their confidence and trust in this particular brand of phone (Wilson & Ogden, 2008).

Online Marketing

Viral marketing is a promotion scheme that relies on customers’ effort to advertise company's products, service or ideas. The consumers advertise the products to their family members, friends, workmates, and other friends on the social media especially through email and online sites. Viral marketing is valuable in the sense that the level of trust that people have among their friends is higher as compared to the level of trust that they attribute to the company’s advertisement. Therefore, it is more likely that people will appreciate the ideas from friends compared to the ideas harnessed directly from the company (Shimp & Shimp, 2007).

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Marketing of a product through the social media makes its known to a wide audience. The reason of this is that a number of young and literate people depend on the social medias for information. The social medias have also been known for having the highest traffic of people, having 96 people out of 100 using it for some reasons. For instance, if one is advertising products that are used by the youth then it is advisable to use online marketing in Facebook. Therefore, viral marketing is the fastest and the most efficient method of advertising. Many managers are using this strategy to grab attention, initiate instant awareness, secure advertising, reduce cost of advertising and increase the overall output (Shimp & Shimp, 2007).

An example of viral marketing is the advertisement of a learning institution. For instance, Malek College advertises its courses, facilities, location, administration and registration through the social media. Such approach can draw the attention of youth in search of an education institution. It can also be advantageous to Malek College as the advert will be all over the world compared to an advertisement made through local TV and radio stations. Local stations supply the information only locally thus limiting the audience. Additionally, the advert can reduce the costs as it can be static on the college website or social page unlike the radio or TV where the advert is aired rarely before it reaches all the target audience.

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