Business Ethics

Part A

I will share the product defect information learned from Doug with one of the senior managers of the company. The discussion with the senior manager will be effective in revealing my concerns about the product safety. Some of the relevant pressures are government regulatory pressures that would help to support the resolving of product defect. The SARA model (Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment) is a practical problem-solving approach used to resolve the ethical concerns related to the product defects (Halbert & Ingulli, 2014). It would include the examination and assessment of problems related to the product defect of Zero Pedal. I would apply the model by integrating it to the different departments in the company. Therefore, it would help to deal with the product defect issue through regulatory product investigations.

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I would like the company to pay the special $5,000 fee to have the Zero Pedals placed on the shelves of the goods store. One of the main considerations is whether there is a high demand for the Zero Pedal in the markets. If the request for the product is high, the company should be ready to supply suitable products to the markets. It is also necessary to consider whether the Zero Pedal product complies with the government inspection rules on product safety.

Even though it is illegal to pay the special $5,000 fee, it is unethical to pay the price as it gives the company a favor over other suppliers of the substitute product. It is important for Green Move to apply the cost/benefits analysis in understanding and analyzing the safety issues about Zero Pedal products. This analysis would assist in understanding the expenses associated with the product defects and the revenues expected. However, the safety concerns would expose the company to risks of being sanctioned by the government. In this case, the company would be required to pay huge fines for the failure to address the product safety concerns.

Part B

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Robert should insist on working conditions improvements at the Solar Group as in Bangladesh they were worse compared to those in the United States. It was important to improve the lighting in the warehouses and working center at Solar Group. Nevertheless, the labor practices of Solar Group were legal in Bangladesh even though illegal in the U.S. Thus, improvements in the working conditions and requirements are critical in improving the employee situation at the Solar Group. I would not terminate the agreement with the supplier as they have complied with the local and national regulations (Halbert & Ingulli, 2014). However, at least, I would recommend them to improve the overall working conditions at the company. For instance, it is needed to reduce the total amount of hours for employees as most of them (including Akash) complained of being tired after a long working day. The interests of the Green move and the society were at stake as the company’s relationship with the employees is important to the overall supply of the products to the markets.

The appropriate standard, which should be applied when considering the working conditions and wages in Bangladesh, are the international norms matching local practices. Therefore, they will align the brand and reputation of Green Move. It is appropriate to apply relevant international rules that reveal the nature and requirements of Green Move’s working conditions. The optimum standards of regulations play a crucial role in ensuring that the company operates within the relevant guidelines and requirements.

The blog would negatively impact on Green Move’s brand. The operations of the blogs imply the effects of the Internet and social media to spread information over the society. The bloggers have been used to expose adverse information and data that could influence the company’s brand. Thus, Robert should convince the blogger of the practices the company is implementing to improve its largest supplier’s working conditions. A large number of people in the local and international markets usually read the blog. Thus, any customer knowing the working conditions of Green Move’s largest supplier would reconsider buying another brand of the same product. Thus, it is important to Green Move to improve its working conditions at its largest supplier, Solar Group.

Part C

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Viktor should not provide a bid for the property lease as the property manager is seeking for bribery through the second document of facilitation. The latter was bribing Viktor to put money on the second paper of facilitation. It is both unethical and illegal to facilitate business negotiations and leasing agreements with a bribe (Nelson, 2013). If Viktor decided to apply for the property lease, he should only include the first envelope of property lease bid. The second envelope of facilitation is an illegal process and not recommendable.

Green Move should expand its operations in Russia. In Russia, Green Move will be able to obtain well-educated individuals at low wages. The strategy would reduce the overall costs of production and operation in the company. In Eastern Europe, there was a large population of unemployed and underemployed persons. Thus, the investment in Russia was a useful business strategy that would make a large difference in the economy as well as increasing the revenues of the company.

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