The Economic, Cultural, and Political History of the Austral and Pacific Realms

Austral and Pacific Realms: The Economy and Global Political Relationships

The significance of the Ocean to the geographies and economies of the Austral and Pacific realms has had an impact on other surrounding regions. These realms have influenced how business and commerce have thrived in South Asia, as well as the challenges faced today. The distance between Australia and the other countries is considerably long. It is a country separated from the other countries. The distance between Australia and other nations has negatively hindered trade and governmental relationships with the neighboring countries. For instance, the movement of people and transportation of goods to and from Australia can take about two weeks before reaching the expected destination. On the other hand, a person travelling by air has to spend at least 14 hours to land in Australia. The remoteness of Australia has not only affected its relations with other countries, but also makes a significant barrier to business opportunities. Nevertheless, Australia is considered a leading country in terms of trade (Blij, Muller, Nijman, and WinklerPrins, 2010).

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Australia, as a country, highly depends on its tourism industry that contributes up to 5 percent to its Gross Domestic Product. However, the country still imports other manufactured products from other nations. Importation of manufactured products to Australia has caused the rising of the prices. The distance and the ocean were the main reasons of the high transport charges. For this reason, Australia has come up with industries that manufacture the same products to limit the importation from other countries (Kollar, 2010). Thus, they have locally made products that are sold at lesser prices. This has increased business opportunities for the Australian entrepreneurs (OECD, 2008).

New Zealand is growing progressively in the Australian region. Currently, New Zealand offers quality life to its inhabitants with exceptional environmental wellness. In New Zealand, cultural heritage is regarded with high esteem. The cultural heritage of both New Zealand and Australia has delineated the Austral realm. However, with the effect of the neighboring cultures there is a likelihood of having a mosaic culture in the near future (Blij, Muller, Nijman, and WinklerPrins, 2010).

The European colonialists looked forward to the riches of South Asia. In South Asia, the people had rich business of selling spices at high prices in the outside countries (Ooi, 2004). Hence, the Europeans focused their efforts on taking over the spices business in South Asia. They waged war with the Arabs in the region and took over the trading of spices in the Spice Islands. Spices were expensive in those days because they were used to add flavor to food and as a preservative. The conquering of this trade added a lot of wealth to the Dutch (Duiker and Spielvogel, 2010).

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The impact of colonialism on the people of South East Asia was so vast that it affected their wealth status and economy. The colonialists brought the European culture that caused a division in the cultural practices of the south Asian people (Wolf and Eriksen 2010). Although the south Asian people rebelled against the new European culture, the colonialists forced them to follow the new cultural practices. This led to the south Asian people having a mixture of cultures.

The European colonial power has had a tremendous effect on South East Asia until nowadays. The rule of the colonialists was made to influence the nations of the Austral and Pacific realms to influence the trade patterns to the advantage of the European colonialists. However, the effect has been evident to the people today since the colonial times. The colonial rule often resulted in making policies that enhanced the formation of centralized and unified administration, as well as economic boundaries thus affecting the economic practices in the region (Page, 2003).

The other effect of the colonial power in South East Asia was on the social practice of the people of the Austral and the Pacific realms. The people had to adopt the new social habits that were introduced by the colonialists. In addition, the colonialists came and introduced new religious practices. It was led by the destruction of the former religions that were original in the Pacific realms. However, these changes were rebelled against during the Cultural Revolution (Page, 2003).

Actions that the Colonial Powers Took to Rule over the South Asia Region

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When the European colonialists (Dutch) came to South Asia, they found established Kingdoms and Sultanates that ruled the land (Page, 2003). During this time, the people in South Asia had adopted the ruling system from the Indians and Arabs. Consequently, their Kingdom and Sultanates system was organized, and they could not easily overrule them. The European colonialists separated themselves into several groups to conquer the region one area after another by forging empires. This strategy caused the European colonialists to rule over a large multicultural state, which presently forms the country with the fourth largest population (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2007).

The strategies used in times of colonialism in the south East Asia may not be applicable in the present state. This is mainly because the people at that time were not learned and informed. Today, the inhabitants of the region are informed of their rights. A sizeable portion of the population is well educated. In addition, the region is well guarded by its citizens who protect the resources that are within the borders. Going back to rule over the region will be getting into modern war that requires contemporary sophistication.

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