Global Communications

What are the advantages/consequences of global data communication?

The advantages include:

The ability to exchange information with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders outside the firm. For instance, through the virtual-live service, the management can conduct a face to face meeting with customers regardless of their location in the world. Electronic exchange of data increases the accuracy and saves time.

Global data communication can create business partnerships with people from all over the world. For instance, through digital communication, a cocoa farmer in Ivory Coast can suddenly sell his products to Nestle. Business partners can exchange information and make transactions through global network connections.

The disadvantages include:

Exposure to cyber attacks: Without proper digital security, the organizations risks exposing its confidential information to outsiders. For instance, in the recent past, US government websites were hacked into. Such incidences are dangerous to the running of an organization.

Risk of increased expenditure. Digital technology can be very expensive, especially if an organization is connected to network architecture that is multilayered, disorganized, and disconnected. Such an organization will have to spend more money to get the system running.

How have companies utilized the Cisco solutions to global data communication?

Companies are using Cisco connected retail solutions to exceed customer’s expectations, raise productivity and enhance profits. One Warehouse Club Chain utilizes the Cisco Integrated Service Routers (ISRs) to improve their business. This solution has features such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, intrusion detectors and VPN capabilities - all included in a single device. The solution also has features that allow each group to manage their own functions independently. The club chain has employed the ISRs at their data centers, giving them the ability to decrypt the traffic of information to and from the stores.  In addition, the higher bandwidth and secure access to members’ data base has enabled the company to provide personalized member services. This solution has, therefore, helped the warehouse club chain to achieve PCI DSS compliance; to enhance business functions and reduce IT management cost; to transform customer experiences; to reduce management time; and to improve employees’ productivity. It has given the company the ability to meet today’s needs and continuously evolve to meet its future needs.

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