Globalization Impacts

Globalization has increased unification of world’s economic order through reduction of trade barriers. The main objectives is targeted at increasing material wealth, goods and services by efficiently catalyze international trade. According to Swinnen adoption of trade global policies in support of reduced trade tariffs by several nations has generated debate concerning positive and negative impacts of globalization on business performance and more especially the small and medium size business (Rosenthal, 1). This remains increasingly hot topic to many in either support or work against of global trade affair. Major effects are felt on the agro-food systems this alters the quality, type of products, cost and desirability of foods available for consumption. By understanding the links between globalization and nutrition transitions, creates the necessity in helping the policy makers to address the global burden.  More of these are created effect is as a result of difference in countries technology as different countries have a varied system of food production.

The Environmental Impact Verses Product and Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers currently prefer high valued food items over the staple foods such as rice and wheat.  The move has seen the global sale of high valued products grew since 1998. The supplier has responded through expansion of this kind of product across the world.  The move generates a more competitive market in the sector, while the choice on making import or produce locally naturally become a question that base on the nature of the product. For many consumers appreciate the major changes the global trade has achieved in the supply chain. This can be associated with the price cuts on their favorite imported foods. However, this comes at a cost. As argued by Rosenthal, the increased pollution effect is reponsibly coused by globalization, as more firms across the word are involved in greenhouse food production. Yet increased pollution measures are achieved through product transportation (Rosenthal, 1).

Globalization and Issues of Business Practice

On issues of supply chain, many foreign nations are working on expanding markets. According to Swinnen country in question has opted to trade outside their country, while foreign countries pursuing similar mission in their home market (Rosenthal, 2). Recent developments indicate increased engagement on food companies expanding on their global mission. For instance, the Indian companies are working on modernity to aggressively fight the battle on the market warfare. At the same other firms are gaining ground in their own markets through purchase of firms and establishing of affiliates. Rosenthal feels the availability of cheaper transport options and reduced trade tariffs in form of taxies, duty on food commodity creates a vibrant and dynamic business across the world (Rosenthal, 2).

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